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I think you all people are very curious to know about what was the real fashion of 1920. What type of clothes men used to wear in 1920’s era. If you don’t know, let us tell you that in 1914 first world war started and recession came. But after it came to an end in 1918, society condition started to speed up.

The Fabulous Parties of Elsie de Wolfe

People have enough money to spend on their entertainment, fashion, and household items after first world war came to an end in 1918.

1920s mens fashion

In 1920 , it was a totally different decade from the past ones not only in the case of society but also in terms of fashion. 1920s style it is the year when infamous gangsters like Al capone rise as well as the rise of nightclubs, and speakeasies takes place.

1920s mens fashion

The roaring twenties dress style helped to give shape to those fashion clothes that exists today and the roaring mens fashion of the 1920s was a legendary and endless styles.

The rich family women chose cocktail dresses, flapper dresses and shorter skirts. The flapper dresses were first got its popularity in European fashion. And the no blemen still chose to wore tail or edsuits but with some several no table changes in them. For an educated and young man suits jackets and matching ties were still trending.

1920s mens fashion

If we talk about fabrics, so there was seen a slight difference from the past decades. Still preferences was given to the natural fabrics like wool, cotton, silk and linen but rayon fabric also made its place.

Also, at that time new textile production techniques were introduced and they focused on medium-weight clothes instead of heavy-weight clothes. With the help of new textile production techniques, a huge variety of softer textures and knits were introduced.

Great Gatsby 1920s Mens Fashion

To achieve a great Gatsby 1920s men fashion look, then you have to consider some things. To get the best results of great gatsby look, the dress outfit was the quintessential outfit. A three- piece suits in lighter colors like light blue, gray or medium brown was very famous and these suits were off four to six buttons.

gatsby fashion 1920s

Patterns like cross hatching, checks, plaids and window panes were popular at that time. The another great choice to get great gatsby look is tweeds. The pants worn in 1920’s was single creased flat front pant. In 1920s men’s fashion , belt was not in trend, instead of belt people chose suspenders.

If we talk about shirt, the shirts was french cuff shirts that were worn with cuff links. The shirts with rounded or pointed collars were in fashion. And the white color collars were in fashion with solid color shirts.

1920s mens fashions

In 1920’s , you will hardly see a man without hat. Hats were very popular at that time. In great gatsby look, the hats like fedoras, derbys, bowlers and newsboys hats were popular.

When it comes to ties, the bowties and neckties both were in trend. If we talk about tie patterns, popular patterns were polka dots, Paisley, diagonal stripes and deco patterns.

1920s Fashion Men Casual

In1920’s Fashion Men casual dresses were also became popular . And men chose sports wear and leisure clothes. As mens wear became less regimented, they jumped on more comfortable clothes.

1920s mens fashion casual

In casual dresses you had many options at that time like wide or oxford bags pants, sweaters, caps, workwear pants, jumpers and a number of different accessories. People used these items to express themselves and also sportswear became popular among both upper and middle class people.

1920s mens fashion

If we talk about more casual men’s fashion from the 1920s outfits, these included knitted pullovers, cardigans and ankle socks. These were very trendy at that time and men jumped to button down dress shirts that had detachable collars and also they started giving preference to bow ties and, hats like fedoras.

Roaring 20’s 1920s Mens Fashion Gatsby

The roaring 20’s was a good time for both noble and working class people as they got the chance to experience fun, prosperity and individual freedom. People also witnessed the rise of consumerism. It was the time when men and women started highlighting the fashion style changes.

Many people considers that the today’s seasonal fashion cycle was started because of the roaring 20s. In roaring 20s time, people had no need to wear the same clothes for many years.

Because they had huge variety of styles, shapes, patterns and colors than before they had. Also, because of this people were able to change their fashion according to the latest trend.

If we talk about the period 1910’s , most sturdy and durable clothes were worn by the working class people so that their clothes last for a long time. And some people choose a clean-cut-look.

By the start of the period mens 1920s fashion, people noticed that the styles had become more relaxed than before they were. Also, more and more number of manufacturers chose soft fabrics and made slightly loose fit clothes from them boardwalk empire.

Also, at that time formal clothes were functional and they got popularity as these were elegant, diverse and glitzy.

1920s mens fashion

1920s Mens Fashion Gangster

Let us tell you, the 1920’s men’s fashion was inspired by the rise of gangsters. The gangs like a street gang from birmingham, england and the notorious peaky blinders made flat caps and three-piece suits trendy and an iconic fashion style to influence others.

1920's Gangster

In the previous decades, the shoulder pads and stiffs were fit but with time these were replaced with tailored suits with cuffed pants and form-fitting suit jackets whose shoulders were made gently sloped.

A three-piece suit was not only the gangster suits inspired look but also the accessories that they carry. If you really want to get inspired, then look at the peaky blinders photos, you will get the clear idea.

1920s mens fashion gangster

Gangster style fashion include Tommy gun, two-toned shoes, and fedora gangster costume hats.

FORMAL 1920s Mens Fashion

If we talk about 1920’s formal fashion, formal outwear was either single or double breasted. In the old times the preference was given to the bulky fur linings that were used in the wool and tweed coats. But if we talk about formal luxurious garments, the preference was given to the simple silk lining.

1920s jacket

You will see in the photos of 1920’s , the formal wear of men include black tailcoats, ties, white gloves, spats, top hats and pocket square. Or you can say tuxedos were very popular in 1920’s as men’s formal wear.


When we talk about 1920’s men’s headwear, then it was quite interesting because at that time almost every men wore them. Since the Edwardian era, the changes in hat styles hadn’t seen much and people in 1920 still chose to wore top hats sometimes. Also people used to wore bowlers hats and of course it was more likely happened in England than the US.

1920s mens fashion hats

In 1920’s , the fedora hat gained the popularity. At that time, people wore fedora caps as a casual style but today if anyone is wearing a fedora hat, people will consider him as he is formally dressed. In fedora caps, the snap brim was used because its felt was soft.

And also it was not starched and stiff. It was a very Crushable and floppier material and it had creases which you can adjust according to you.

1920s mens fashion hats (2)

You can still find fedoras nowadays but the fedora hats of 1920’s had higher crowns and shorter or narrower brims. If we talk about hatband , they were usually very wide and it was worn by people of regular working class on everyday basis.

When you look at the photographs of fedora hats of 1920, you will see the all the fedora hats are little bit different from eachother because individually shape was given by a man. It was not the factory made, that you simply purchased it and wore it. It is made up by you according to the particular style of your own.

hats 1920s mens fashion

Other than fedora hats, the other casual famous cap was the flat cap. Peaky blinders used to wear flat cap which was made up of 8 pieces but not all the flat caps were made up of 8 pieces. The most liked and popular flat cap was the pancake shaped one piece flat cap and this cap was bit wider than the other flat caps.

hats 1920s mens

It was available in different materials like cotton, linen, wool and tweed and also came up with different patterns such as prince of wales check, houndstooth and Donegal tweeds and many more.

1920’s Men’s fashion peaky blinders

Peaky blinders television series is very popular series and it inspired many people for 1920’s and 30’s menswear. Take a look at Peaky blinders leader “Thomas Shelby” iconic look.

1920 peaky blinders

In the entire history, the street gangs had found ways to distinguish themselves from friends and foes without actually showing their criminal motives to the government authorities. The one of the way was their subtle variations in clothings.

The historical peaky blinders was a famous gangter of Birmingham, England and he was active from the late 1880’s to the 1910’s.

Peaky blinders was famous for his unique style, important brass buttons on the jackets, expensive ties, bell-bottoms and the amazing peaked caps from which he had got his name peaky blinders.

1920s men fashion

By the middle of the mens fashion 1920s people started to wear loose suits that were tailored, that made their legs look longer, and also compressed the waist. Inverted v silhouette suits were became popular for most of the 20th century.

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