30+ Best French Tip Nail Designs Ideas Trending Now In 2024

French Tip Nail Designs 

French tip nail art is the classic version of nail styling. This style always goes in fashion and gives you a feminine and stylish look. French tip nail designs for summer art are so modern that you can choose at any time, year, outfit, or event. The newer version of short French tip nails with design is timeless nude with white French tip nail designs. However, you can mix and match the combination of bright colors to take your nail designs to the next level. Here you can get some beautiful French tip nail design ideas you can create at home.

What are French Tip Nails? 

French nail design is a classic nail style that originated in France in 1970. This style has been a firm favorite ever since. This style is created by painting the tips of the nails. white or off-white with the rest nails painted with nude or natural hot pink color. The modern version of this French tip nail art includes hundreds of variations. for this classic French manicure using various colors, glitters, and different shapes.

Short French Tip Nails with design

You don’t need to have long nails to try this style French tips enhance the beauty of your short Nails and make them longer looking and elegant.


Instagram- @nailsbynikitar

oval French Tip Nails

If you want to try animal-printed nails on your short nails, you can try oval-shaped French tips, Oval nail is the best nail polish shape for short nails, and Oval French nail is the most sophisticated and clean nail style ever.

oval French tip nails

Instagram- @nailsbynikitar

Long square French Tip Nails

The square nail shape is known to add width to your matte nails, Long Square Nail is an excellent style for long nails with narrow nail beds, It also gives your fingers a slimmer appearance.

Long square French tip nails

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French Tip Nail designs Almond Shape

Like round nails, almond-shaped nails also elongate your fingers by giving them a stylish and elegant look—nails shaped like almonds, Most natural nails are too weak to hold the shape So many people use Hance acrylic French tip nail designs.

French tip nail designs almond shape

Instagram- @slayedbyvon.xo

French Tip Nail Designs 2022

White French Tip Nails

These are also known as the classic French white-tip nail designs For this, tips with white or off-white color, The rest of the natural nails are naturally pink or nude. It is also known as a simple French tip.

White French tip nails

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Nude cute French Tip Nail Designs

Try nude French tips if you want to add a modern touch to a classic one This style uses a nude nail color rather than the usual white one Nude cute nail is an understated look that gives you a classy vibe.

Nude cute French tip nail designs

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Pink French Tip Nail Designs 

If you are not fond of white or off-white months’ nail tips go for some gorgeous and shiny colors like any tone pink The pop shade of pink color is an excellent idea for the spring or Summer months to add colors.

pink French tip nail designs 

Instagram- @izabelawozniak_educator

Black French Tip Nail Designs

Black tips are great if you want a subtle look with elegance You can also add glittery stones to glam up the black French tip nails You can create unique patterns of silver or gold color onto black tips.

Black French tip nail designs

Instagram- @bestblacknails

Red and Black French Tip Nails

A combination of red nails with black tips has a unique fan base These colors create a classic glam rock look that is great for Halloween and winter.

Red and black French tip nails

Instagram- @novabeauty_mejrema

Red French Tip Nail Designs

Red tip nails have an ultimate statement of glamorous look. This look is perfect for summer, winter, fall, and Valentine’s.

Red French tip nail designs

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Simple French Tip Nail Designs

Brown French tips

Brown French tips give you an elegant, clean look with a neutral color combination Some people also use complementary shades of Brown to create a unique and stunning look.

Brown French tips

Instagram- @dsbeauty_doboj

Pastel French Tip Nails

Try pastel French tips on your shorter cute nails Pastel colors are now everywhere on social media and are famous for their appealing appearance.

Pastel French tip nails

Instagram- @novabeauty_mejrema

Orange French tip nails

Orange French tip nails are the best nail art for the fall, summer, and Halloween seasons Its bright and beautiful shades enhance a stylish, bold look and your nails’ beauty.

Orange French tip nails

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Blue French tip nails

Blue is available in so many beautiful shades and tones that you can style your nails with French tips.

Blue French tip nails

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Cute Nail Designs French Tip

Teal French Tips

When decorated with tiny pearls and rhinestones, Teal French nails will give a mermaid vibe Teal French nail tips are perfect for long nails.

Teal French tips

Instagram- @barbann_nails

Green French Tips

Green has different variety of Shades and tones that you can choose to create green French tip nails very easily Teal green, neon, olive green, sage green, dark green, and many more bright and beautiful shades of green that you can choose for all seasons and any occasion.

Green French tips

Instagram- @luxe.nails.poole

French Tip Acrylic Nail Designs

Another beautiful green shade is green, creating a beautiful highlighted French nail tip.

French tip acrylic nail designs

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Yellow Summer French Tip Nail Designs

If you want sophisticated nail tips, go for yellow French tip nails, Yellow French tip nails can look sophisticated with a summer-reflected effect, Yellow French tip nails are a party nail style you can choose without hesitation.

Yellow summer French tip nail designs

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Gold French Tip Nails

This excellent nail style goes well with every occasion, such as fall, winter, Christmas, and weddings You can also go with gold glitter, sparkles, metallic gold, or even gold leaf.

Gold French tip nails

Instagram- @luxe.nails.poole

Apparent Fall French Tip Nail Designs

The most realistic French nails are Clear French tip nails A clear base is used on top of the actual nail bed to extend the length You can also add some fine lines of white or any color you want.

Apparent fall French tip nail designs

Instagram- @rigandco

French Tip Nail Designs with Glitter

Glitter is perfect for adding glam to a French manicure You can try these French tips with your short nails Add a bit of sparkle to add a glamorous touch.

French tip nail designs with glitter

Instagram- @dsbeauty_doboj

Chrome French Tip Nails

The chrome nail style is a perfect fit for long or coffin nails You can also achieve versatile staples with holographic almond-shaped long nails.

Chrome French tip nails

Instagram- @theglossystop

Ombre French Tip Nail Designs Coffin

Ombre Nails have a huge fan base nowadays for a good reason You can do ombre on whole nails and tips of the nails Ombre has different styles and variations on one nail.

Ombre French tip nail designs coffin

Instagram- @izabelawozniak_educator

Rainbow-colored French tip nail designs

The rainbow French tip nails are the perfect take on the French manicure You can combine as many colors as possible to swirl-tip rainbow French nails Neon colors are perfect for multicolored rainbow French tip nails.

Rainbow french tip nail designs

Instagram- @pop_polished

Ultra-modern French tip nails

There are so many ways to make your classic French tip nails into a modern one Side French tip nails are one of the best examples of contemporary French tip nails You can add some golden lines or patterns to enhance the look.

Ultra-modern French tip nails

Instagram- @monika__nails

Burgundy French Tip Nail Designs

As you can guess, the style is by its name the reverse French tip is finished on cuticles rather than the tips of your nails You can paint your suggestions along with cuticles to an excellent take.

burgundy French tip nail designs

Instagram- @dsbeauty_doboj

Floral French Tip Nails

Flower French tip nails are the prettiest nail art done on the tips of nails To create lovely designs, you can use any color combination to make tiny floral patterns on nail tips You can do this with one accent nail or with all nails.

Floral French tip nails

Instagram- @rigandco

Butterfly French Tip Nails

You can create any designs and patterns to make your French tip stylish and beautiful One of them is butterfly patterns on nails Butterfly French nails are perfect for spring and summer; you can use glitter, gems, gold leaf, and shimmers.

Butterfly French tip nails

Instagram- @pop_polished

Flame French Tip Nails

Flame Nails is a super cool French tip nails design to take on You can create this style with any color, but the glittery orange is the perfect glam look paired with gold jewelry.

Flame French tip nails

Instagram- @pop_polished

Toe Nail Designs French Tip

Why should fingers have all the fun with colors? We also have classic designs for toes to make them beautiful Toe nail designs French tip pedicures on toenails make them neat, clean, and sophisticated with classic French tip nails.

French tip-toe nail designs

Instagram- @izabelawozniak_educator

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