30+ Best Jay Jo Haircut Ideas And Pictures 2023

30+ Best Jay Jo haircut Ideas and Pictures 2023

Jay Jo Haircut Anime is getting very popular day by day. It’s popularity is increasing massively and it’s completely understandable. Every anime character is most popular and has an important role in there webtoons. Today we are going to talk about Jay Jo haircut in this article.

Jay Jo Haircut

Jay jo is the most popular main character from a Korean webtoon wind breaker from South Korea. In this webtoon Jay jo is the main character who flaunted this style that Jo Yongseok drew. The character called Jo Ja-Hyun who is a student from fictional anime main character from a web-animated series commonly known as Jay Jo cut.

Jay Jo Haircut

In this articel article we are going to give all info about Jay jo’s style and haircut. Jay jo’s haircut is a mullet style with side shaved with long hairs at back. Stay connected with us to know everything about Jay jo mullet haircut.

Jay Jo haircut

 Jay Jo haircut also known as windbreaker haircut is famous hairstyle around young boys who are highly inspired by Korean anime webtoon windbreaker haircut. It is a mullet hairstyle characterized on Main character of windbreaker haircut webtoon known as JayJo cut.

Jay Jo Haircut

Mullet hairstyle is composition of shaggy front bangs short with a longer tail style at the back.

The exact Jay jo haircut style of Jay Jo mullet haircut that fits individuals with medium to long hair length, thick hair, and a heart-shaped face for this mullet/windbreaker haircut, you need slightly long hairs and a good hairdresser will cut your hair in layers and color your hair black as well as style it with pomade.

Jay Jo Haircut

Steps to maintain Jay Jo haircut

  • Add enough texture

Mullet is all about length and texture. Keep in mind while having Jay haircut that your hair have good texture on them.

  • Use right products

In order to maintain the Jay Jo hairstyle, using right product is essential. Always use good quality curly hair products like hair mousses Or pomade to style the mullet. Hair pomade and gel work best when styling a Jay Jo hairstyle.

  • Visit your barber on routine

To maintain this style, need to visit your barber in a fix routine to avoid any hairstyle issue. Regular trimming is required in Jay Jo style.

  • Choose a good hair professional

Most important step is to choose a good hair professional, the main part of this Jay Jo hairstyle. Professional hairstylist are good at their job and they know how to do the best hairstyle frequently and easily. You need a good barber to avoid any consequences.

How to get Jay Jo Haircut

  • Grow your hair long

step by step guide for Jay Jo haircut/anime mullet haircut, all you need is a good length of hairs. This is a necessary step before aching this look. Make sure your hair is longer than 5 inches or 6 inches before you grab this look. Jay jo Mullet is a mid length haircut that is why it is necessary to grow your hair in inch longer length.

  • Shave the sides

Once you grow your hair length in manageable enough to work with, you can visit the barber. The barber then start buzzing side hairs in equal measure around the ears to creat a fade pattern. The hairdresser then shave the sides.

  • Improvise the longer length

Every Jay Jo’s modern mullet haircut is not necessarily being the same. You can adjust jayjo haircut has you want. You can choose size and fades according to your relevance. You may keep the front hair on top longer to your face shape or make them shorter to achieve more density.

  • Use free-form razor technique

free form razor technique will give the bangs an edgy yet natural look. It will also create messy layers haircut’s appearance. Since Jay Jo’s hairdo is uneven, following this technique will help you with recreating the exact look. You can also ask the barber for technique to the back side of the jayjo mullet to maintain the shape jay jo haircut in real life.

  • Use twin comb

twin comb technique will also help to emphasize this look. In this technique, the barber use two comb at once at hair to even the uneven haircut. Using this technique will allow the barber to keep track of the length and the shape of the haircut. It will help to creat messy haircut and style them with ease.

  • Give a finishing with pomade

once you done with the cutting, ask the barber to style your hair with a good hair mousse or pomade. Water base pomade is good for your jay jo hair and fix them in any style you want.

Similar style by Celebrity

  • Similar style by Jay B

Similar to Jay Jo, the exact look is seen with GOT7’s Jay B. He also has razored sides and mid-length back hair. Also Jay b’s hair, are styled with bangs.

Jay B jay jo haircut

  • Kai’s Jay Jo hairstyle

Kim Jong-in, or Kai as most famous Korean singer from the boy band EXO. He looks like Jay Jo in real life allover from face, body and hairstyle. He shows his first appearance at the Gucci Spring Show in 2019.

Jay Jo Hairstyle

  • Tao with windbreaker haircut

Huang Zitao or Tao is another famous k-pop idol highly famous for his style and mullet haircut. He has the best anime-inspired mullets in the outside world.

Tao haircut jay jo

  • Jay Jo by Le Duc Tam

Le Duc Tam is a famous tik-tok star who really hits on your mind when it comes to mullet style haircut. He got 7.8 million likes for replicating the famous anime mullet.

Jay Jo Hairstyle


Overall, if you’re still confused about this jay jo haircut irl, please don’t. You can’t go wrong with Jay Jo haircut since it’s as perfect as his personality. It has just the right amount of texture and volume that can be a star haircut for sure.


what is the jay jo haircut called so popular? 

Jay Jo haircut/windbreaker haircut is very popular hairstyle among young boys who got inspired by Korean webtoon windbreaker. Jay Jo is the main character of this toon series who is a student and highly handsome. Jay Jo haircut is a mullet haircut with side shaved and fringy look. This hairstyle make a very good impression on young boys who want a shaggy look apart from a neat one.

What facial structure goes on Jay Jo hairstyle? 

Anyone who have long mid length can go for a mullet/ Jay Jo hairstyle. However, this haircut is mostly fits individuals with medium to long hair length as well as thick hair. A heart-shaped face but, your stylist to give you a mullet that complements your face as well as hair types.

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