55+ Best Long Hairstyles For Men Full guideness With Picture

Long Hairstyles For Men

There is a huge variety of modern haircuts and long hairstyles for men. Hairstyles for men with long hair are available in many shapes, lengths, colors, and styles. Every person can find one hairstyle that matches their looks, preferences, and tastes.

In this current year, 2024, every hairstyle is on top and trending. It’s up to you, and you must choose which hairstyle suits you best. Let’s discuss medium-long hairstyles for men by another hairstyle, starting with hairstyles.

Long hairstyles for men

Hair growth on your head also tells too much about you. A full head of hair is a sign of good health and good hair. You may style it your way if you are a boy with full-grown hair. You can style your long hair in many kinds of styles.

Styling can be difficult, but you can do it easily if you have grown long, healthy hair. That is why long hairstyles for men are trending right now for a good reason. Nowadays, men also try to style their long hair as they want. Styling of long hair can be easy to moderate to hard in styling.

Trending Long Hairstyles For Men In 2024

You can choose them to do by yourself, or you can go for a hairstylist. Longer lengths are low maintenance, and you can style them with a few easy steps. Long hairstyles offer extra length and more styling options, so you can style them as you want.

Hairstyles for men medium long can be styled in many different ways. There are some hairstyles for men with long hair listed for you. You can select and style your hair with the help of this list.

Medium Long Hairstyles For Men

Long hair gives many styling options to create perfect hairstyles. If you are men who want a unique and youthful look, you can try long-length hairstyles. Because long hair provides extra length for hair experiments and styling options. Let’s discuss some popular long-length hairstyles for men. 

Medium Long Hairstyles For Men

Long Curly Hairstyles For Mens

If you have naturally long curled hair, then I must say you are a very lucky man. If you want a more relaxed style, then your natural volume & texture of curly hair help you to achieve this look. You only have to take proper care of your curly and eliminate excess frizziness.

Don’t forget to condition it occasionally but don’t over-wash it. Let your hair dry naturally because if you use a blow dryer, it will damage your hair and can cause frizziness. 

Long Curly Hairstyles For Mens

Long Hairstyles For Men Undercut

If you want to give your long hair a new look. You can undercut your style to achieve a unique and incredible look. In this hairstyle, the barber will shave your sides and back. The top hairs are left long, contrasting these two.

Then you have to do a simple thing to get an incredible attitude-filled look. Also, you can tie your long hair in a bun, ponytail, or a topknot to get perfect looks. 

Long Hairstyles For Men Undercut


For a working man with long hair, the ponytail is a quick and easy way to manage their long hair. Grab your hair backward with a drop of serum to get extra shine. Use a hair tie to achieve ponytail hairstyles for long faces look.

Ponytail Long Hairstyles For Men

Textured Waves

It is a versatile hairstyle that suits almost every faces men type. But it is most suitable for people with a layered cut or natural movement. You can give your length hair a wavy hair texture and style it with a side part to achieve this look. This hairstyle gives you a feel of Playboy and youthful vitality. 

Textured Waves Long Hairstyles For Men

Half Up – Half Down

If you have a long length of hair, then the half up – half down hairstyle is the most striking choice. But keep one little thing in mind, don’t secure it too tightly; let it have some movement. And the bottom half of the hairs are left loose. 

Long hairstyles for men

Man Bun

A modern classic man bun never goes out of fashion. Man buns are versatile; you can customize them according to your face shape and hair texture. Comb your hair with fingers in a backward direction and secure all your hair with a hair tie.

Also, let some strands of your hair at the front fall by your face for a more relaxed look. The length of your hair will decide the placement of your hair bun, whether you will wear it low or high. 

Man Bun Long Hairstyles For Men

Long Slick Back Long Hairstyles For Men

A long slick-back hairstyle is an easily achievable style for men with medium long haired hairstyles for men. You can wear it with any clothing, whether a stitched suit or Streetwear clothes. You have to apply a few drops of medium-hold hair gel.

Long Slick Back Long Hairstyles For Men

Blonde Hair Long Hairstyles For Men

It is great if you have naturally long blonde hair, but if you don’t have it, don’t worry. Just go to your barber and ask him to color your long hair blonde. Long blonde hair looks super classy and striking. 

blond haircut

Dreadlocks Long Hairstyles For Men

Long hair gives you many options for experimenting with your hairstyles, including dreadlocks. This hairstyle is not for every man who wants to try something out of the box. Whether you want your dreadlocks braided or twisted hairs, it’s your choice.

Long hairstyles for men
  • Textured Twists Long Hairstyles For Men
  • Twisted hair is one of the major common ways for black men’s hairstyles and those with curly hair. It would help if you chose a textured twist for a good reason. This hairstyle is versatile and kinky, giving you a more vibrant look. This hairstyle also helps to save your hair from damage like tangling and knotting. 

    Textured Twists Long Hairstyles For Men

    Draped Waves Long Hairstyles For Men

    This hairstyle is considered an effortless hairstyle with an edginess. You can achieve this look by letting your curls and waves in their way. This Draped Wave is a hand-free hairstyle and does not need much interaction. 

    Draped Waves Long Hairstyles for men

    Air Dry Texture Long Hairstyles For Men

    This Air Dry Texture hairstyle for long face men great way to protect or style your hair without a heat dryer. Air-dry hair is also a good choice for people with thin hair. Who wants to protect their hair from heat, Blow drying can damage your hair, causing hair loss Or hair breaks. 

    Air Dry Texture Long Hairstyles for men

    Beachy Long Hairstyles For Men

    This beachy is a great hairstyle with loose beach waves dropping to the shoulders. Beachy is a trendy hairstyle with a classic short bob haircut.

    Beachy Long Hairstyles for men

    Asian Long Hairstyles For Men 

    This Asian long hairstyle for men is also a common and great hairstyle that is very famous among Asian people. Asian long hairstyles are also called protective hairstyles from damaging the hair. 

    Asian Long Hairstyles For Men

    Twist-In Bun Long Hairstyles For Men

    This modern man has a style usually famous among young people. This bun hairstyle gives you a modern clean, and neat look. Roll your hair-like coil ends into a bun right around your hair with elastic to achieve this look. Secure the bun with hairpins. 

    Twist-In Bun Long Hairstyles For Men

    Shoulder Length Side Part 

    This Shoulder Length side part is a mid-length hairstyle. Shoulder-length hairstyles are common and work best for men with good natural hair. In this, hairs are divided into two sections, one side the left or right side of your head. This style can go with any hair texture or type. 

    Shoulder Length Side Part 

    Braid And Bun Long Hairstyles For Men

    This Braid bun is also a great hairstyle with a bun and braids. In this, tight braids are twisted around and in the back of the bun. You can style these hairs with straight to curly hair. You can also try different braids to emphasize the look and bun with style. 

    Braid And Bun Long Hairstyles for men

    Bun & Side Undercut Long Hairstyles For Men

    There are a lot of bun hairstyles for long hair available these days. In one, bun and side under part is the most famous haircut.

    You must cut your hair short from the side of your ear and in the back to achieve this look. The middle section of your hair must be longer. You can create a bun with it. 

    Bun And Side Undercut hairstyles for men

    Side-Swept Hairstyles For Long Hair With Undercut 

    These side-swept Hairstyles for long hair with an undercut are very famous among adult boys. This hairstyle with long Bangs is side-swept in the corner of the face. This look also needs an undercut near the ear and in the back. The middle section of hair is longer and side-swept on one side of the face covering one side ear undercut. 

    Side-Swept Long Hair With Undercut

    Swept Back Hairstyles For Long Hair Men

    This Swept Back hairstyle is a short to medium length hair. This hairstyle goes well with straight hair or with less-textured hair. This look is achieved by combing all hair in the back, creating a swept-back style. You can set your hair with any hair fixer spray to protect the swept back. 

    Swept Back Hairstyles

    Mens Longer Hair With Thick Hair 

    This longer hairstyles for men is a common one that can be done by both girls and boys nowadays. Haircut for thick hair can also go with any hair texture or type. Long hairstyles for men is an easy-to-maintain hairstyle for thick hair. 

    Mens Longer Hair With Thick Hair 

    Cornrows Long Hairstyles For Men

    One of the most popular ways to braid hair for men is cornrows. Hairs are braided near the scalp using different patterns and styles. With proper care, you can keep your hairstyle for many weeks. Cornrow’s long hairstyles for men look cool and are mostly used by South African-American people.

    Cornrows long hairstyles for men

    Shag Haircut Long Hairstyles For Men

    This Shag Haircut is a shoulder-length hairstyle that is layered and feathered at the top and sides. In shag hairstyle, the barber gives you a messy but cute look. A Shag haircut looks good on people with full-volume head length. Shaggy hairstyles can be short to mid-length hair.

    Shag Haircut Long Hairstyles

    Long Curly Hairstyles For Mens 

    This Long curly hair is also considered a good hairstyle for people with a naturally long curly hairstyle. If you have long natural curls of hair, you should choose this hairstyle. Loose waves will look even more defined and can be set with a hair spray or mousse. If you don’t have frizzly hair, you can create this style using a curling iron and setting spray. 

    Long Curly Hairstyles For Mens

    Braid Hairstyles For Long Hair Men

    Braids are among men’s most popular, stylish, and easy-to-maintain hairstyles. Braids are also known as coils Or plaits. This braid can be done with all kinds of fade hairstyles such as tapper high low. And mod fades in different ways to achieve this look. 

    Braid Hairstyles For Long Hair men

    Bro Flow Hairstyles For Long Hair

    Before getting this name, this look is called a hockey hairstyle. This Bro-flow looks good with medium long hairstyle for men’s length or longer hair that flows back. This style is very popular among surfers, skateboarders, hockey players, baseball players, and hipsters. 

    Bro Flow Hairstyles for long hair

    Messy Hairstyles For Long Hair Top Knot 

    This messy top knot is a versatile, modern hairstyle highly favorable for young or adult boys. This look is achieved by creating a high bun or knot of top hairs. The lower part of the head can be styled with a fade or undercut.  

    Long Messy Hairstyles for long hair


    How to maintain long hairstyles for men? 

    Maintenance of long hair can vary from easy to hard mod. Maintenance is low if you have less volume or straight hair. Curly hair needs more care and nation than any other style. You can style your hair with hairstyle spray or use hair maintenance styling products like hair mousse or setting spray.

    Is a long hairstyle suit me? 

    It’s a yes. A long hairstyle can be suited to everyone. Choosing a style can depend on your facial structure or hair type choose wisely for a good-looking style.

    It depends on what cut/style works best for your facial structure.

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