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Nigel Next in Fashion


Nigel Xavier participated in a reality program named “Next in Fashion” Season 2. There were a total of 12 participants from all around the globe who took part in this reality program. They competed with each other in different fashion challenges to show their creativity and design abilities.

Next in Fashion season 2

After facing all the fashion challenges, Nigel Xavier won the “Next in Fashion Season 2” reality show in 2023. He always has an interest in style and Fashion. He is named “Wizard of Denim”. His work shows that he is very talented, creative, and dedicated.

Nigel Next in Fashion


Next in the Fashion Nigel program is a Netflix series. Netflix aired all episodes on Friday, 3 March 2023, at 3:01 A.M. It is hosted by famous model Gigi Hadid and fashion designer Tan France. All 12 contestants competed with each other, and by showing their creativity and talent, they impressed the judges and the viewers.

Gigi Hadid and fashion designer Tan France

Everyone believed that season 2 was more attractive than the first season. Niger Xavier impressed everyone with his patchwork and denim designs and won the “Next in fashion season 2” reality show.

He won the grand cash prize of 200,000$ and also got an opportunity to launch his designs on Rent the Runway.

After this, he also displayed his designs and work in New York City at the Culture Con event, and some of his clothing designs were published in GQ magazine.

Nigel Next in Fashion 


Nigel Xavier works as a fashion designer. He is a well-known Atlanta-based Fashion model and fashion designer for his unique designs in “patchworks and textile manipulation”.

He is also well known for creating designs from repurposed and upcycled materials. Nigel Xavier was born on 29 November 1998 in Venezuela.

Nigel from Next in Fashion

He comes from a very artistic and creative family. His father was Marshall Xavier, and Nigel was a landscape painter; his mother was Stella Xavier, and she was a hard-working and talented hairdresser. And if we talk about his personal life, he keeps his personal life private.


Nigel Xavier is known as the “wizard of denim”. He won the reality program “Next in Fashion Season 2,” Aired on Netflix. Nigel Xavier is a fashion model and Atlanta-based fashion designer. He became more popular after winning the Next in Fashion S2 program. His followers also increased after he was featured in Next in Fashion Season 2.


Instagram id – @nigelxavier

Posts – 353

Followers – 763k

Following – 195


As we told you earlier, Nigel is a fashion designer and is well-known for his unique designs in “patchworks and textile manipulation”. He is also well known for creating designs from repurposed and upcycled materials.

Nigel Next in Fashion Clothes

He has an innovative eye and is very creative regarding patchwork and denim. He is named “Wizard of Denim”. His unique designs are inspired by 90s Fashion and early 2000s Fashion.


Nigel Xavier was born on 29 November 1998 and raised in Trinidad and Tobago. Later in 2010, his family moved to Atlanta, Georgia. He belongs to a Christian background, and his ethnicity is Afro-American.


When he was in school, he was a school football player. But with time, he chose Fashion as a career rather than sports. He always used to feel happy when he spent his time with fabrics, materials, and other fashion-related things.

Savannah College of Art and Design

So, to pursue his career in Fashion, in 2016 he completed his B.F.An in fashion design from Savannah College of Art and Design. And then he spent a lot of time in Summerhill in Atlanta.

After graduation, he went to the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York to pursue a career in fashion design. After completing his education at FIT, he worked as a freelance designer, designing costumes and dresses for theatrical plays and dance shows.


Amari and Nigel Next in Fashion The fans of Next in Fashion Season 2 reality program, program think that something is between Amari and Nigel next in fashion. Their fans think they are dating each other, which made this show more interesting, and people started investing more time in it to know whether they are together.

Amari and Nigel Next in Fashion

Next in Fashion Nigel and Amari

After winning the show, Nigel posts content from the “Next in Fashion” Season 2 on Instagram. He recently posted a few pics the front pic is of himself and Amari. Is it a coincidence, or something is cooking between them? On that post, Amari commented, “You are the best Love you Thank god you chose the cute pic of me because lord knows.”

Next in Fashion Nigel and Amari

Many fans are hoping that they will soon announce the engagement date. There is some undeniable interaction and chemistry between the two.

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What is Nigel Next in Fashion?

Nel Next in Fashion stormed into the entertainment scene as a highly anticipated fashionista series that not only tapped into the industry’s unseen zones but also resonated with the general audience. Spearheaded by fashion legend Nigel Barker, the show isn’t just about creating runway hits; it’s about democratizing style and making it accessible to everyone.

Why is Nigel Next in Fashion Important?

In a world where fashion can often feel aristocratic and detached, Nigel Next in Fashion brings the artisanal world of designers to the living room. It’s significant, not just for its entertainment value, but for its influence on how we consume and think about fashion; it’s making a statement on inclusivity, daring to disrupt age-old concepts with fresh, global perspectives.

What Can Buyers Learn from Nigel Next in Fashion?

Fashion enthusiasts and potential buyers can garner a great deal from Nigel Next in Fashion. From understanding the intricacies of design to appreciating the variables that could wrinkle or smooth out a brand’s success, there’s something for everyone. It’s about not just admiring a garment anymore but about understanding the labor of love that goes into it, a sentiment that can truly alter your shopping choices.

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