50 Burst Fade Haircut For Men Which Change Your look better

50 Burst Fade Haircuts For Men

If we talk about variations of fade haircuts, burst fade is one of the most liked and dazzling haircuts. It is a very versatile haircut, as it can be added to any men’s haircut regardless of its texture and length. The most popular combination of fade and haircut is the burst fade mohawk. It is also known as the Fade South of France haircut. It became popular because of a famous well-known R&B artist, Usher Raymond.

Burst fade

What Is A Burst Fade?

This is very different from other fades as it is very dramatic. There is very little chance of confusing this fade with other fades. In fade haircut, you will see hairs at the back are kept long, whereas the hairs around the ears get tapered. In this way, the hairline of the ear bursts out at the neck and replicates the ear’s curvature. The cuts of burst hairstyles on both sides look amazing. And burst fade suits short and long hair if you get the answer to the question. “What is Burst fade” Then it is time to know more details about this burst fade before getting one.

Burst fade mullet

Some people think burst fade is the same as drop fade. But, it is not right. The difference between a burst haircut and a drop fade. The hairstyle does not go on toward the back as it goes in drop fade. In a burst fade haircut, you can style your neckline differently. You can keep your neckline normal, v-shaped, or block.

You can combine fade haircuts with other styles to make them more amazing. You can pair it with a pompadour, Caesar cut, fringe, french crop, frohawk, or Edgar cut. All these haircuts are great options for pairing.

Steps For How To Get A Burst Fade Haircut

The very first step is the Barber Chopping the bulk of the hairs at the sides with the help of a clipper. Then he makes a baseline to start the burst fade. This baseline is based on the shape of your head and is semicircular around the ears. Then the barber shaves the area underneath the baseline. After that, by maintaining the c-shape. He starts blending hairs around the baseline in an upward direction.

Burst fade mullet

For better results of this fade haircut. Using a clipper with different guards and lever positions for blending is good. Don’t forget to apply this on both sides. By using a trimmer, the barber adjusts edgy details as the hairline. After the completion of the burst hairstyles. The result comes out as a tapered and faded side.

How Can You Style A Burst Fade Haircut?

As we know, in hairstyle, the hairs of the sides are clipped off. So, when it comes to styling this haircut, it is usually about the top hair. The length of the top hairs depends on the haircut you choose to pair with burst fade. If you want the best results, ask your barber to use scissors. You can get a point cut if you want to volumize your hair or want to add some extra texture.

fade haircuts

As we told you earlier, a mohawk haircut is the most suitable hairstyle to combine with a burst fade. The barber usually creates a triangle shape in this hairstyle by narrowing the top hairs. If you want to look cool, go for a point and blunt cut together.

straight hair

It is our opinion, but there are also many different awesome hairstyles. That you can combine with your hairstyle, Before going to the barber, ensure your hair’s length. It is because Long hair provides a variety of possibilities to style your hair.

If you are looking for a modern and stylish hair design, you can give a try to freestyle hair design. To maintain your hairstyle, you can also use some hair products. Like clay, pomade, and gel for a slick and shiny finish. Hairspray is also a very useful hair product as it helps keep your hair in place.

Types Of Burst Fade Haircuts:

  • The Burst Fade:

this is a popular and trendy haircut for men. In this hairstyle, the hair around the ear is taper in a semicircular shape.

fade hairstyles

  • Burst Fade With Design:

It is also very trendy and popular among men. You can give your burst taper fade a cool look by adding some design cuts at the curvature of the fade hairstyle.

fade hairstyles

  • Burst Fade Mullet:

In the mullet haircut, the front hairs are short, and the back hairs are kept long. Now if we talk about fade mullet, then it is a simple combination of mullet haircut with this. The side hairs around the ears clipped to give a smooth transition between the short and long hairs. By following the ear’s natural curvature.

burst fade mullet

  • Burst Fade Mohawk:

This mohawk haircut is also known as the south of fade haircut. It gets its popularity from a famous artist, R&B singer Usher Raymond. Burst Taper fade mohawk haircut gives you a classic and cool look.

Burst fade mohawk

  • Burst Fade Edgar:

The burst Edgar fade usually looks very best when it is combined with the Edgar cut. In Edgar cut, you see the top hair cropped short featuring a blunt fringe and the fading done on both sides and back.

Edgar haircut

  • Low Burst Fade Design:

If you have long hair and don’t want to cut them too short. Then a low burst, low fade haircut is a good choice for you. It will change your look without sacrificing the actual length of your hair. Low burst taper fade involves a low faded hairline that starts at ear level.

fade cut design

  • Straight Hair Burst Fade:

Never hesitate to try a fade haircut if you have straight hair. Burst hairstyle straight hair looks very intricate and unique.

Fade Straight Hair

  • Burst Taper Fade:

In a burst, taper fade haircut. The hairs are taper around the ears by creating a semicircular shape. The Burst taper fade looks very dramatic and unique.

taper fade haircut

  • Curly Burst Fades:

Burst fade gives you an edgy and bold look when done on curly hair. This haircut is versatile as it suits every type of hair and texture.

curly burst fade

  • Burst Fade Long Hair:

If you have long hair. Don’t want to cut it short you also want a classic and cool look. Then you can go for a fade long haircut. It is one of the popular haircuts among men.

fade with long hair

  • Mid-Burst Fade:

A mid-burst cut is easy to carry and has a low-maintenance hairstyle. This hairstyle is a perfect balance between high and low bursts. Pairing a mid-burst haircut fade with a short textured quiff gives you a classic look.

mid Burst fade

  • Low Burst Fade:

In a low burst haircut, you will see a low faded semicircle shape above the ears. It continues along the nape of the neck. It is one of the trending cuts for men.

low burst fade design

How To Get A Burst Fade?

The first thing you must learn is how to cut a fade with clippers. It is the first step to knowing, in detail, how to cut this haircut. Also, prepare mirrors, combs, and guards. So let’s start by discussing the burst fade step by step.

how to do burst fade

  1. Attach the guards to the clippers to size 3 and use them to the top hairs to get the desired length.
  2. Then, set the clippers with a guard size 4 and apply it to the side hairs to get the preferred length.
  3. Always use a bald trimmer with no guard to cut the hair around the ears.
  4. Now repeat the previous step by using a closed level. No guard set at size 1 to create the semicircles around the ears.
  5. Now look at the point where Step 1 and Step 2 meet. Here we have to use a clipper with a guard set at size 3 to edge down the haircut. Leave the circle from step 2 to 11/2 inches wide.
  6. Now take a comb to flatten your hair.
  7. Repeat step 5 using a clipper with a guard set at size 2.
  8. Keep the size of the guard at 1 open and then blend it with the guard size set at size 2.
  9. To give a smooth finish to a haircut, blend all the parts together and trim the edges where it is required.


What is a burst fade?

Burst fade is a popular and trendy haircut for men. In this haircut, the hairs around the ears are tapered in a semicircular shape.

What is a burst fade mullet?

In a mullet haircut, you see the front hairs are short and the back hairs are long. Now if we talk about fade mullet, it is a simple combination of mullet haircut and this haircut. The side hairs around the ears are clipped to give a smooth transition between the short and long hairs. It follows the ear’s natural curvature.

What type of fade is best?

There is not a particular haircut to which you can call best. All types of fade haircuts are best in their own style. For you, the fade you like the most is the best fade.

Is burst fade a taper?

You can say a burst fade is a type of tapered buzz cut. It is because the hair clips from both sides around the ears. Following the natural curve of the ear just like the tapered buzz cut.

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