60+ Best Box Braids Hairstyles That Look Really Hot in 2024

Crazy Box Braids Hairstyles & All Their Types

Box braids are a very versatile hairstyle as they give you many options to style in different ways. Box braids look sophisticated, classic, and easy to do. Also, you can add different colors to it to make it more stylish. Box braids are one of the protective hairstyles as they protect your hair from Breaking down and let your natural hair grow back.

Box braids can be styled in many hundred ways. If you are trying box braids for the first time, then u don’t need to worry. Here, we have explained all the types of beautiful box braids that look good on everyone.
If you are thinking about getting a box braids hairstyle, then first you have to know about its all styles and how to maintain them. First, you have to decide how much length and diameter of braids you need. Also, there are some more questions to answer too.

Do you want regular person braids or do you want cornrows installed into the braid? Will you add something else, like beads, pearls, or triangular box braids? And will you add some colored hair extensions to volumize your braids?

Box Braids

Why Choose Box Braids?

  • Low Maintenance: Once installed, box braids require minimal daily upkeep, allowing for a break from constant styling and manipulation that can lead to hair breakage and damage.
  • Versatile Styles: Box braids can be styled in an array of ways, from elegant updos to playful ponytails, offering limitless possibilities for expressing your personal style.
  • Hair Protection: These braids are excellent for promoting the health of your natural hair, as they protect the strands from harsh environmental factors and excessive styling stress.

Cleaning and Detangling Your Hair

  • Clarify your hair: Begin with a clarifying shampoo to remove any product buildup and ensure your hair is clean.
  • Deep Condition: Follow up with a deep conditioning treatment to add moisture and soften the hair, making for an easier braiding process.
  • Detangle Thoroughly: Use a wide-tooth comb to gently detangle your hair, starting from the tips and working your way up to the roots.

Choosing the Right Extensions

  • Quality is key: Opt for high-quality, synthetic braiding hair that matches the texture of your natural hair for the most seamless blend.
  • Assess Quantity: Depending on the thickness of your braids, you’ll need several packs of braiding hair. For standard-size braids, aim for 5-6 packs.
  • Preparation: If the synthetic hair is too shiny, pre-stretch it by soaking it in warm water or using a low-heat blow dryer to give it a more natural appearance.

What do you understand by box braids?

Box braid hairstyle is getting very popular among both men and women. This hairstyle is super stylish and also gives our hair a break from breakage. This box braid hairstyle is basically a hair-braiding style and it is especially popular among the African diaspora and African people.

You can call this braided hairstyle a ‘protective hairstyle’ as it protects your hair’s ends and lets the natural hair grow. It is a hairstyle that can be done for a long time period.

It is also known as ‘boxy’ because, in this braid hairstyle, hairs are divided into squared-shaped boxes. Box braided hairstyles are usually done by using synthetic hairs or hair extensions because it gives the braids more volume and protects the natural hairs that were braided with them.

The process of braiding hairstyles can be long or take time but once it is done, it is not going anywhere for at least six to eight weeks. And one more thing about box braids is that you can style them in many different ways.

Types of box braid hairstyles

To understand box braids clearly, we have to know every type of hairstyle. So, what are we waiting for, let’s start it.

Bob box braids

Bob box braids are a type of box braid hairstyle in which the braids are of bob length. The length of the braids is generally between short to medium length. length of the hair is not too short nor too long. The length of the braids can be as long as collarbone length and as short as chin length.

Bob box braids hairstyle is suitable for everyone as well as it gives you a classy and chic look. Summer has arrived, and for many people, it is hard to manage their hair during summer. So, you can give this hairstyle a try. Also, this hairstyle is manageable as well as stylish.

Bob Braid

Medium Box braids with beads

If you are looking for something that can give your box braided hairstyle a new look, then beads are the right choice for it. Beads give the Medium box braids hairstyle a unique and fun look.

Let me tell you one more thing, box braids with beads have become the Hottest trend of the year. The beads can be wooden, clear, or colorful in different sizes.

hello bubble hair dye

Jumbo Knotless Braids

The jumbo knotless braids are a protective hairstyle in which large sections of braided braids are used. By doing this, the result comes with less number of braids and it reduces tension on the scalp.

So, if you want to get a box braided hairstyle, which involves less tension, you can try Jumbo knotless braids. This hairstyle can be done on any type of hair length whether it is short, medium, or long.

Jumbo Knotless Braids

Black Tuck Top Box Braids

If you want less tension on your hair and scalp, then you can go for Black tuck top boxes braids. In this Black tuck top boxes braid hairstyle, braids are fed in using very small sections and the result comes out with a huge number of thinner braids.

The black tuck top boxes braid hairstyle highlights your facial features and also gives you a practical & classy look. Also, you can style these thin braids in many ways.

For example, you can put these braids into a bun or can easily make a ponytail using these thin braids. If the Black tuck top box braid is not installed or maintained properly, it can make your hairline thin. Also, installing pigtails is a time-consuming process. At least, it will take between 7 to 8 hours but once it is done, it is not going anywhere for approximately two and a half months and you are always on the go ready.

Black tuck top boxes

Coi Leary braids

If you want to give your Coi Leary braids hairstyles an edgy look, you can go for shaved sides or undercut. The half-head square braid hairstyle with shaved sides gives it a serious look.

Coi Leary braids hairstyle requires less maintenance and you can style it in many different ways. You can put your braids into a bun or a high ponytail and in many more ways.

knotless box Braids

Medium singles size box braids

Medium singles size box braids hairstyle is a little confusing because many people don’t know the actual size of the medium singles box braids. The size of the medium-sized box braids is usually around 10mm.

These braids are easier to install and take less time as compared to thin or small-size braids. You can create many versatile looks with this medium singles size box braid hairstyle and this hairstyle is very attention-grabbing.

medium singles

Mini blonde braid

The blonde shade instantly updates your looks and when it is combined with braids it is totally amazing and sexy. It also features a unique twist. Mini blonde braids look very clean and neat as well as give off a queen vibe.

Mini blonde braids

Knotless Braids

A Knotless braid is a hairstyle where all the hairs are braided first and then all the braids are put together to knot a bun. Knotless braids are a very easy way to elevate or enhance your traditional bun hairstyle. If you are feeling lazy and don’t want to put effort into making a hairstyle. Just tie all the braids into a bun and you are ready to go.

Knotless box braids are a very versatile hairstyle, they can work on all types of hairs and textures. This hairstyle never goes out of fashion in fact it is a trending hairstyle nowadays. You can also wear a Knotless box braid hairstyle on special occasions like parties, weddings, and many more.

knotless box braids

Braiding hair colors

In the Braiding hair colors hairstyle, first, we have to install the braids of all the hairs on the scalp. Then, we have to install again the braids of the already finished braids. That’s why it is known as braiding hair colors. The braiding hair color hairstyle looks super cool and sexy.

Braiding hair colors

Braid hairstyles with an undercut

If you want to try something new and unique, then you can give Box braids with an undercut a try. You can combine an undercut hairstyle with a box braid with an undercut hairstyle and this combination creates a unique vibe. You can choose the size of braids according to your choice, it’s all up to you.

Box braids with an undercut

Jumbo Knotless braids with curls

Knotless braids with curls are a protective hairstyle as they protect your hair from hair breakage and also let the natural hair grow. Amongst all the protective hairstyles, Jumbo Knotless braids with curls are almost every woman’s favorite hairstyle.

In Jumbo Knotless braids with curls, braids are installed in larger sections, due to this, the result comes out in a few braids that reduce scalp tension. Jumbo knotless braids are a classic hairstyle but when you combine it with blonde hair color, it adds four moons to your style.

Jumbo Knotless braids with curls

Knotless Goddes braids

The Knotless Goddes box braid is such a hairstyle that you will never regret if you install it. In this Knotless goddess braids hairstyle, the curly strand is added to the ends of the braid or through the braids which make this hairstyle look like a goddess hairstyle.

Knotless Goddes braids are also known as boho braids and it is become one of the popular protective hairstyles. Adding curly strands to the simple gives box braids a voluminous, fuller, and softer look.

Knotless goddes braids

Draids trendy box

If you want to experiment with your Draid trendy box hairstyle, then you can do your basic black, brown, or blonde hair color. But if you want to be a bit more adventurous, then you can play with different colors this time.

You can go for different vibrant colors to give yourself a completely new look. Colors like red, blue, pink, green, purple, and many more are always trending. You can choose one of these for box braids with colorful hairstyles.

Draids trendy box

Space buns

To get the space buns hairstyle, first, you have to part your hair in two sections from the middle. Then make two high ponytails, one on each side. Then the basic thing you have to do is wrap the length of your box braids around the base of the ponytail and at last secure it with bobby hair ties and bobby pins.

Space Bun is a 30 hair color braid hairstyle that will make you look out of this world. It gives you a trendy, casual, and playful look.

Space buns

French cure braids

The French cure braid is a very trendy and classic hairstyle of the Season. You can style your braids into French cure braids, it is a very easy-to-make hairstyle. French cure braids are not as hard as one might think. The front and back of the French cure braids give a pattern of fishtail.

French cure braids

Braiding Process

Separation Stage

  • Create even parts: Use a rat-tail comb to part your hair into clean, square sections. The size of each box will determine the overall thickness of your braids.
  • Secure with rubber bands: Once you’re happy with the size and shape of your partings, secure each section with a non-metal elastic band to keep them in place.

Adding Extensions and Braiding

  • Weaving in the extensions: Start by separating a small piece of the synthetic hair and loop it around the base of your natural hair, then begin weaving it in with a standard three-strand braid technique.
  • Tension is crucial: Keep the tension consistent and firm to ensure the braids are neat and evenly styled.
  • Braiding towards the ends: Continue braiding down to the tip, ensuring the ends are secure. You can also seal the ends with hot water or a lighter to prevent unraveling.¬†

How long do box braids last?

Box braids can last anywhere from six to eight weeks with proper care. However, it’s essential to monitor the condition of your natural hair and scalp, as well as the longevity of the braids.

Can box braids cause hair damage?

When installed correctly and cared for properly, box braids should not cause damage to the hair. It’s important to ensure that the weight and tension of the braids are not excessive and that your scalp is not being pulled too tightly.

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