50+ Best Stunning Butterfly Haircut Ideas A Trend Now Trying

The Butterfly Haircut A Nostalgic Comeback in Modern Styling

A short Butterfly haircut is a good idea for short hair length without chopping most of the hair, Short butterfly haircuts can go with any hair type, such as wavy, curly, straight, or less volume hair. Butterfly haircut medium length or short length hair because this adds volume to your hair length.


You don’t need much effort to achieve this look if you have natural volume in your hair, Short butterfly haircuts enhance your facial expression by adding more cuts to add extra volume to your hair.

Butterfly Haircut 2022

The butterfly haircut is a curled, wavy, and volume-giving hairstyle for short hair, Its longest layer falls just below the shoulder, creating a feathery look, Shorter in length or cut near the forehead or Crown area of your head.

Butterfly Layers Haircut

A butterfly haircut is created by adding layers to hair length it is a feathery and wavy hairstyle for adding extra volume layers add extra fluffiness and volume to hairs making them like feathers.  This hairstyle creates an illusion of a short butterfly haircut with curtain bangs around the facial structure and gives it a perfect-looking shape.

Medium Length Butterfly Haircut Female

From a full-volume feathery look, there is no doubt you have already seen and admired the butterfly haircut, this is the best haircut of 2022. A short butterfly haircut is very good for butterfly haircut medium length hair for women.

Butterfly Haircut Long Hair

The butterfly cut longer layers of length adds extra layers, giving more volume, long hair butterfly haircuts also look good for those who are very thin or slim here as they add volume to your hair, making your lifeless hair a volume full.

Butterfly Haircut For Fine Hair

This haircut is considered the best 2022 because it can go with all hair types, such as curly, wavy short, long, or mid-length hair but in terms of thin or fine haircuts, you should avoid this haircut. In thin Or fine hairs, layers made them look thinner than they actually have.

What is a Butterfly Haircut?

Are you looking for a trendy Short butterfly haircut i think you should try a butterfly haircut with bangs this Butterfly layers haircut is trending nowadays here is everything you want to know about this butterfly haircut.

It consists of many layers, making your hair very feathery and fluffy adding more volume to your hair gives the look to style a butterfly feather.

butterfly haircut

Diy Butterfly Haircut

A butterfly haircut is a style of adding layers to your hair. You can easily try this by using a few steps and with an easy tutorial given below:

  1. Begin with parting your hair into a section in a triangular shape.
  2. Split the section into three even vertical sections.
  3. Start with the middle section first; medium hair length will help you to guide.
  4. Take the other side section and follow the cuts with the medium length using scissors.
  5. Create butterfly face-framing layers using these sections.
  6. Add layers Through The Back Without Losing Length.
  7. Style layer ends with a curling iron or hair spray to create a bouncy look.

what is the butterfly haircut ponytail?

A butterfly haircut ponytail is suitable for shape or butterfly shape haircut, Ponytail butterfly haircut suits every occasion flattering all hairs into a v-shape haircut, It enhances the beauty of a butterfly haircut by creating a feather look.

Butterfly Haircut Curly Hair

Butterfly haircut shoulder length curly hair enhances the beauty of any haircut Because layers are blended with all hairs, complementing natural wavy hairs, Natural curly or wavy hairs need low maintenance as they create a feathery illusion.

 Pros and Cons of Butterfly Haircut


  • Butterfly layers haircut straight gives your hair more volume, so if you have slightly thin or less hair, you might go for it without thinking too much as it adds more fluffiness and waviness.
  • If you have a round, oval, or square face type should definitely try the haircut because of its butterfly layers’ haircut nature. It gives a perfect shape to your face by covering some facial structures.
  • After this haircut, it might take a long time to grow back as it is also cut in layers.
  • As it is also a professional haircut, it is required to be done by a professional.
  • If you also have long hair, you might steer away from this haircut as it contains many layers and is a slightly short haircut.

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Why Do You Need a Butterfly Heavily Layers Haircut?

The butterfly short layer hair bangs are also great for adding volume to your hair trend, creating an illusion of short bangs on the side of your facial structure, giving your face a great shape. It creates the illusion of more hair as it contains many layered cuts and gives you a vibrant and stylish look.

 What Face Shape does a Butterfly Layers Hairstyle suit the most?

You can try this haircut with all types of facial structures, but round and square face types tend to be best because layers add a lot of volume to the hair around the facial corner giving a thinner look to your face.

butterfly layers haircut

 Is a Butterfly Haircut Short Hair with Bangs good for a slim face?

Due to its fluffy, the butterfly haircut short length gives your hair more volume with many layers.

Around the face giving your face a slim look. So, if you already have a slim face.

 Is a Butterfly Haircut Curly Hair Good

This is suitable for all hair types, but natural curly or wavy hairs are best because it defines volume giving the nature of layers in the best way butterfly haircut on curly hair, you might want to avoid this type of haircut because of many layers, and curly hair appears even curly.

 Is a Butterfly Hairstyle Good for Straight Hair

If you also have straight hair, you should try a butterfly haircut straight hair, as it adds extra volume to your hair but you also need extra care to maintain the volume of your hair by using products like hair mousses or hair texture sprays blow dryer air dry hair salon to keep the volume in layers.

Is a Butterfly Haircut for Thin Hair Good?

It’s not for Thin fine hair because the cut only makes the layers look thinner, It’s also not for type 4 hair, As for face shapes, the butterfly cut will flatter round faces the most but will make rectangular faces longer.


The butterfly layers haircut is gorgeous and suits you the most if you want to add more volume and style and create an illusion of butterfly feathers or waves to the hair If you want to try, something new may also go with a butterfly haircut at home.

Here is the gallery of short Butterfly straight haircuts with bangs and ideas please take a look at butterfly haircut images.

butterfly haircut 2022
butterfly haircut 2023
butterfly haircut straight
butterfly haircut straight
butterfly haircut with bangs
butterfly haircut with bangs
butterfly haircut straight
butterfly haircut long
butterfly layers haircut
short butterfly haircut
short butterfly haircut
medium-length butterfly haircut
medium-length butterfly haircut
butterfly hair female
medium-length butterfly haircut
butterfly haircut with bangs
butterfly haircut straight
butterfly haircut asia girl
butterfly haircut professional
butterfly haircut trend
butterfly haircut shoulder length
butterfly haircut tiktok trend
butterfly haircut black side view
butterfly haircut side part
butterfly haircut thick wavy hair
butterfly haircut blonde black
butterfly haircut curly hair short
butterfly haircut with highlights
butterfly hairstyle
butterfly haircut and wolf cut
butterfly haircut orange hair
black dress beauty
girl in the tiktok trend
girl in cute smile
girl in deep cut white dress
girl with shiny hair
hot model in a purple dress
girl in side face look
Korean girl hot
girl in pink lips
butterfly haircut on shoulder length hair
girl shows hair in white tshirt
girl in white tshirt


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