Ultimate Double Helix Piercing Phenomenal Style in 2024

Double Helix Piercing Your Path to Pain and Phenomenal Style

Double Helix Piercing

If you’re looking to elevate your ear game, the double helix piercing is a fantastic way to add a touch of intrigue and individuality to your look. This extensive guide is specially tailored for piercing aficionados who are considering or have already committed to this bold piercing style. From the basics of what it is to tips for aftercare, this post will be your comprehensive resource on the double helix journey.

What is a Double Helix Piercing?

A double helix piercing refers to two piercings on the upper ear’s cartilage, following the curve of the outside rim. This unique method is fantastic for those who want a more detailed, customized piercing. The parallel piercings mirror the spiraling shape of DNA’s double helix structure, hence the name, and provide exceptional versatility when it comes to adorning your ear.

Double Helix Piercing

Understanding Double Helix Piercing

First things first: What exactly is a double helix piercing? The helix is actually the outer cartilage that forms the curved upper part of the ear. When it comes to a double piercing, as the name implies, two individual piercings to the helix conducted either one after the other or, i.e. simultaneously whichever you prefer and/or your piercer recommends. This special placement is what creates a unique and customizable look that can mix the refined with the subtly edgy.

Is This Piercing for You?

The double helix piercing isn’t so much a fashion statement as it is an investment in an elegantly adorned ear. It seems the perfect addition for someone looking to write a new chapter of their personal style. When considering the double helix piercing, keep the following in mind.

  • Professional Environment

If you work in a conservative environment, the visibility of the piercing may affect your decision

  • Personal Aesthetics

Are you someone who loves the look of a more decorated ear profile, or do you lean more heavily into discreet piercings?

  • Lifestyle

If you’re an athlete, someone with a lot of hobbies, or otherwise quite active, these can all affect piercings.

So make sure your piercings don’t just fit your personal style but your life, too. It’s about honoring what you love while also factoring in the practical.

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Why Choose a Double Helix Over a Single?

The double helix creates a visually striking look that a single piercing might not achieve. By capitalizing on the length of the cartilage rim, a double helix can accommodate a variety of jewelry options and truly stand out.

Preparation Before Getting a Double Helix Piercing

Before Getting a Double Helix Piercing

Selecting the proper studio and preparing mentally and physically are crucial steps before getting a double helix piercing.

Choosing The Right Studio

Look for established studios with good reputations for hygiene and precision practices. The technique for the double helix is more advanced and requires an experienced piercer. Hence, choose your studio with extreme care and critical attention to detail.

Piercer Consultation

Schedule a consultation with a specialist piercer to discuss your expectations and assess the feasibility of the placement. They’ll offer recommendations based on your ear anatomy and personal style.

Mental Preparation

Piercings, especially those on cartilage, can cause discomfort. Mental preparation is as important as the physical aspect. Envision the process, prepare for the sensation, and ensure you are in the right mental space to go through with it.

Double Helix Piercing Healing Process

Double Helix Piercing

The last phase in regard to any piercing is healing. This can take anywhere from 3 to 9 months and it’s more than important to follow the following guidelines to prevent infection while keeping your piercing looking its best:

Aftercare Do’s and Don’ts


• Clean the piercing everyday with a saline solution

• Pat the area dry with a clean paper towel to avoid unnecessary irritation

• Sleep on a flight pillow to minimise any pressure on the piercings

• Keep hands and other objects away from the pierced area


• Touch the piercing with dirty hands

• Rotate or play with the jewelry

• Overclean the piercing (it can impede the healing process)

• Swim in pools or hot tubs until the piercing is fully healed

Following these simple dos and don’ts can significantly lower the risk of complications.

The Aesthetic of the Double Helix Piercing

One of the most exciting aspects of the double helix piercing is the option to experiment with different jewelry styles and combinations.

Double Helix Piercing

Jewelry Options

  • Studs

As mentioned, they cater to a minimalist sense of style. They’re small so you can be as discreet or as bold as you’d like.

  • Hoops

They’re timeless and come in a variety of sizes and metals so you can go big with gold or keep it understated with a teensy silver hoop.

  • Cuffs

Cuffs sit in one spot and create a focal point in the middle of your double helix. What a great way to avoid disrupting the symmetry so coveted by the Instagram-piercing community.

  • Chains

A teeny chain that connects your double-pierced lobe would look incredibly elegant. You could even add some more double helix piercings in if you’re feeling it.

Mid Helix Piercing An Understated Classic

Jewelry Choices for Mid Helix Piercing

  • Captive Bead Rings (CBRs): A timeless selection that encircles the cartilage, the CBR’s visual appeal lies in its simplicity.
  • Barbells: Known for their sleekness, barbells offer a modern look, with straight or curved options to fit the mid helix’s shape.
  • Labret Studs: These studs have a flat back designed to support new piercings while you heal stability is important, especially with the mid helix piercing.

Double Forward Helix Piercing Forward Thinking

Double Forward Helix Piercing

Forward helix piercings differ from traditional helix piercings in that they face forward, so now you can add angles to your escape. It’s important to take time and care in considering a double forward helix piercing, as it resides so close to your face, and the cartilage up there can be a bit finicky.

Caring for Forward Helix Piercings

  • Gentle Hygiene:

As always, the rule is “Don’t touch your piercing!” Unless you are cleaning it, leave it alone (and clean only with clean hands).

  • Patient Healing:

By far the most effective means of keeping your piercing happy and healthy the salt water soaks should be done daily in the first month, and perhaps every other day for the two months following. Don’t overdo it, as you can also irritate the piercing with too much cleaning (and let’s face it… you’re going to need some healing time with this one!).

  • Jewelry Choice:

Opt for jewelry with minimal projection to avoid brushing against your face, which can trigger discomfort.

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Double Cartilage Piercing The Duo that Defines

Double Cartilage Piercing

Similar to the double helix, the double cartilage piercing involves the upper cartilage but can be placed in various sections of the ear. They offer a customizable way of framing the upper ear and when done symmetrically, can be a compelling focal point of ear styling.

Aftercare for Double Cartilage Piercing

  • Clean Hands:

Always handle your piercings with clean hands to reduce the risk of infection.

  • Avoid Pressure:

Pressure might cause sleeping on the pierced ear to hinder the healing process. Switch to a travel pillow for the duration of an earring back.

  • Hair Impact:

The length of long hair or a big earring back can sometimes be caught. The rest of the hair should be tied back into the pierced ear during the healing and piercing.

Lower Helix Piercing A Subtle Start

Lower Helix Piercing

Those with a better sense of asymmetry or wanting to dip into double piercings in a more subtle way may enjoy the lower helix, which falls, as its name suggests, just below the mid helix. “The legality of the body jewelry is not worn so close to the head and very little contract with the body wire.” Schubach notes that the same body jewelry as a mid helix piercing is typically worn in its neighbouring hole.

Best Jewelry for Lower Helix

  • Studs:

Low profile studs offer stability with the prime benefit of getting stuck on hair or clothing.

  • Swirls and Spirals:

For an even more fantastical approach to ear piercing, look no further than swirls, spirals and curved lines that draw the eye in all the right directions. These wavy pieces are perfect for adding an artistic touch to your lower helix.

  • Rings:

It doesn’t get much more classic than the simple circular ring. As you grow your jewelry collection, you’ll love the opportunity to add further layers as high above the lower helix as you see fit.

Helix Rim Piercing Highlighting The Edge

Helix Rim Piercing

If you’re ready to get a bit more avant-garde, a helix rim piercing is the perfect choice. Your helix rim essentially goes straight up and over the curve of your ear, reaching the uppermost edge of where cartilage appears. By pairing the piercing with a traditional helix piercing, you’ll create a line that’s a constant showcase for your most statement jewelry.

Managing Helix Rim Piercing Aftercare

  • Speak with a Professional:

When you’re choosing a helix rim piercing, be sure that your piercer has experience in that specific type of placement. While any seasoned professional should have no problem, it’s worth a quick call ahead of time.

  • Keep It Dry:

Post-piercing is tricky because while cleanliness is still a top priority, essential moisture from showering or sweat can play havoc with your ears and lead to other complications. If you absolutely must be near water (say, you’re a lifeguard, or it’s really hot outside) use a sterile pad to cover the site.

  • Layer Up:

After healing, don’t be afraid to add more layers to your piercings. This placement can serve as the groundwork for additional helix or lobe piercings.

Inner Helix Hidden Depths

Inner Helix

Double piercings on the inner helix sit within the folds of the cartilage toward the ear canal. Less common than their outer counterparts, they offer a more discreet way to double up on helix piercings for those who want a more hidden or subtle adornment.

Caring for Inner Helix Double Piercings

  • Mind Your Ear:

Be cognizant of these piercings when wearing earphones, earbuds, or talking on the phone. These activities can inadvertently press against the inner helix area.

  • Examination Is Key:

With inner helix piercings located in such hidden places, monitoring the area for changes or signs of trouble is crucial.

  • Avoid Overloading:

Inner helix piercings look so cool with jewelry, it’s tempting to load up on them. Remember, you need to allow some space for each piercing to breathe.

Double helix piercings are the type of ear style that lets you give in to the urge to change up your aesthetics on the regular. It’s not just about the final look; it’s about the journey to get there. Whether you choose the daintier mid helix, the edgier inner helix, or any other variation, there are endless tales to tell through any number of jewelry and adornment choices.

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What to Do and Know Before Getting a Double Helix?

Preparing for a double helix piercing involves both mental and physical preparation. We’ll detail what you should know before making the commitment to this unique piercing style.

Can You Get a Double Helix and Other Piercings Simultaneously?

Balancing your piercing aspirations with practical considerations is key. We’ll help you decide whether getting multiple piercings at the same time, such as the double helix and tragus piercings, is the right choice for you.

What Is the Best Jewelry for a Double Helix?

The jewelry you choose can significantly enhance your double helix piercing. Discover the best styles, materials, and sizes for a stunning and comfortable look.

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