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Butterfly Cut Transform Your Look with These Expert Tips

butterfly haircut

If you’re looking to spread your style wings and take the lead as the new butterfly in town, look no further than the butterfly haircut. This butterfly-inspired hair trend is taking over and it’s going to transform your look from humble caterpillar to chic monarch!

The butterfly haircut might just be that shakeup you need if you’re ready to switch things up. This comprehensive guide can help you achieve this ethereal look whether you have shoulder length hair, want to see new curtain bangs on your face with your long locks, or need the perfect cut to flatter your round face.

What Is a Butterfly cut?

butterfly haircut

The butterfly haircut is designed to create volume and dimension in your hair that looks like butterfly wings. This means the focus will be mostly on the length of your layers and the layers around your face. When done, you’ll have a soft, feathered effect that will hug your features and bring out your natural beauty. This style can be done with all face shapes, from round to oval, while also complements a variety of personal styles.

How to Style the Butterfly cut

Styling a butterfly haircut is about blending soft layers to the natural texture of your hair for a look that’s equal parts chill and polished. Pair them Butterfly Haircut with curtain bangs and you’ve got a look that’ll go with just about any outfit. It’s easy to look effortlessly cool with the right products and styling tools.

Butterfly cut with Different Hair Types and Face Shapes

Butterfly Haircut Straight Hair

Butterfly Haircut Straight Hair

The butterfly haircut is ideal for individuals with sleek and straight locks because it is all about enhancing the seamless texture and helping to create that polished, groomed look without many layers. The ends flip and flow, embracing that natural healthy shine.

Short Butterfly Haircut

Short Butterfly Haircut

Shorter versions of the butterfly haircut short hair offer a fun, bold aesthetic, boasting a length that ends right at the ears or just over the chin, allowing for easy wear and an element of interest.

Butterfly Haircut with Bangs

Butterfly Haircut with Bangs

Implementing bangs with a butterfly cut can dramatically alter the aesthetic. Side-swept bangs soften features and offer a romantic vibe, while blunt bangs present a more assertive and sleek persona, both beautifully harmonizing with the butterfly shape.

Shoulder Length Butterfly Cut: The Versatile Middle Ground

Shoulder Length Butterfly Cut

Opting for a shoulder length butterfly cut opens up a world of styling possibilities. From classic waves to modern straight styles, this versatile length suits most face shapes and can easily be fashioned for both casual and formal settings.

Butterfly Cut Round Face: Framing Elegance

Butterfly Cut Round Face

Individuals with round faces often search for styles that elongate and slim their features. The butterfly cut, with its tapered ends, performs a stellar job at framing the face and can create the illusion of a more oval shape, accentuating cheekbones and jawlines.

How To Style Butterfly Haircut and Your Personal Style

You can adapt the butterfly haircut to suit your personal style preference, whether that’s bohemian or classic. Let your stylist know whether you envision wearing curtains with the cut so they can first snip the ends, then get layer-happy over your entire head.

Butterfly Haircut for Round Faces

When it comes to face shape, the cut looks good on everyone, but if you have a round one, registering butterfly cut with curtain bangs can really extends your features and add angles. If you didn’t think that was a possibility for round faces, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. The layers will create the illusion of length, which is good for everyone, round faces especially.

Butterfly Haircut for Fine Hair

If you have fine or thin hair, the butterfly cut can help inject volume and movement into otherwise lifeless locks. Those layers will counteract the notorious stringiness of thin hair, coaxing it into looking thicker and fuller.

Butterfly Haircut for Thick Hair

While the butterfly cut can help effortlessly manage mane for fine-haired individuals, it’s also beneficial for those with thick hair, where it offers the added bonus of easing the mass by distributing the weight more evenly, allowing thick hair to be styled more easily, and reducing density at the ends, which helps thick hair to feel less heavy.

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Diy Butterfly Haircut: How to Do a Butterfly Haircut at Home

It is possible to give yourself a butterfly haircut at home. Just follow these steps:

  1. Preparation: Start with clean, dry hair.
  2. Sectioning: Part your hair into about five sections. Make sure to separate the top and bottom layers and your face-framing pieces.
  3. Cutting the Length: Begin by cutting your hair in the length section. Cut one section at a time with your hair-cutting shears. Be sure to use hair-cutting shears–they’re sharper than standard scissors and will give you a cleaner line.
  4. Creating Layers: To get that perfectly windblown look, cut the top layer of hair into small sections. Working with one section at a time, cut at an angle. When it comes to layers, less is more! You can always add more, but it’s really hard to take them away.
  5. Styling: Use a texturizing product to style your butterfly cut. You can twist sections with your fingers while blow-drying to create a natural wave and lift.

Remember, patience, and a steady hand are crucial when attempting a butterfly cut at home. If you’re unsure, it’s always best to consult a professional hairstylist.

Do’s and Don’ts of Maintaining a Butterfly Haircut

While the butterfly haircut is relatively low-maintenance, there are still some key do’s and don’ts to keep in mind.


  • DO embrace heat protectants: Styling tools can be damaging, so always protect your hair with a good-quality heat protectant spray.
  • DO indulge in regular treatments: The health of your hair affects the final look. Regular deep conditioning or keratin treatments can work wonders.
  • DO keep your hair clean: Clarity in your hair’s composition is essential for the cut’s layers to properly fall and move. Use a clarifying shampoo once a week to prevent product buildup.


  • DON’T overuse heavy or oily products: These can weigh down the layers and sacrifices the cut’s natural airy quality.
  • DON’T skip on hair protecting: When using blow dryers or heat tools, always ensure your hair is adequately protected to prevent damage.
  • DON’T wait too long between trims: To keep the cut looking its best, you’ll need to trim every 6-8 weeks to maintain the shape and health of your hair.

Step-By-Step Guide to the Butterfly Haircut

Butterfly Haircut

To help you envision the process, follow the images as a step-by-step guide to tell your stylist or to DIY an intricate butterfly haircut.

Step 1: Preparing for the Cut

Start with a clean, dry head of hair, free from products that could interfere with the precision of the cut. Discuss with your stylist how short you want your layers, because how many layers you want, is crucial for the overall pieced butterfly look. Communication is key to cue them in after all, they need to understand that you want the flutter of butterfly wings and know exactly how to manipulate the cut to fit your unique features.

Step 2: Cutting the Initial Length

The first step in the process is to cut the initial length of your hair. If you’re starting with long hair, be prepared for a significant length reduction to achieve the layered effect. The length and evenness of this initial cut will set the foundation for the layering process.

Step 3: Creating the Butterfly Layers

Using a technique, called angling cutting shears, your stylist will layer in the butterfly effect. This involves lifting sections of the hair and cutting at a diagonal to create a cascading layer that angles away from the crown and frames and flows outward around the face.

Step 4: Texturize and Shape

Once the main layers are set, your salon pro will likely further texturize the layers to help soften the cut and achieve an airy, voluminous shape. It’s all about txture here, and the textural dimension is what really gives the Butterfly Cut its butterfly quality.

Step 5: Finishing Touches

Finally, the Butterfly Cut is completed when your stylist adds those final touches to make sure everything is symmetrical and perfect in its balancing act. They’ll likely style your hair with products to help emphasize the layers, and structure of the cut, and you’ll likely catch your first glimpse of the kind of transformed potential that the Butterfly Cut boasts.

Shoulder Length Butterfly Cut

Shoulder Length Butterfly Cut

For those with a penchant for sophistication balanced with a touch of playfulness, the shoulder-length Butterfly Cut is an ideal foray. This style isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s a tribute to practicality and poise, with a sprinkle of youthful charm.

The Shoulder-Length Symphony of Layers

A harmonious blend of layers at shoulder length creates a compelling movement that resonates with the butterfly’s airy elegance. The layers are strategically tapered to provide lift at the crown, while the ends maintain a streamlined finish. This careful interplay of length and layer allows the Butterfly Haircut to flit harmoniously between formal and informal settings.

Embracing the Shoulder-Length Transformation

Before taking flight with this haircut, it’s crucial to consult with a skilled hairstylist. Discuss your hair’s natural texture and your personal lifestyle — these factors will heavily influence the dimensions and layer types for your cut. Remember, the shoulder-length Butterfly Haircut is meant to be a low-maintenance stunner, so ensure that your stylist is attuned to your desire for a look that needs relatively little effort to look great.

Butterfly Haircut Round Face

Butterfly Haircut Round Face

Round-faced beauties often seek styles that can elongate and add an illusion of angularity. The Butterfly Hairstyle, with its strategic layering and volume, can offer just that. Here’s how to tailor this cut to flatter a round face shape.

Lifting and Lengthening with Layers

The round face can be complemented by layers that start higher up the head, creating visual height that counters the roundness. The butterfly’s precision layering can accentuate cheekbones while the ends wing out, further elongating the face. The result is an airy, confident look that stands out for all the right reasons.

Perfect Butterfly Haircut to Round Face Ratio

When working with a round face, balance is key. The layers should be substantial enough to provide the desired lift but not so voluminous that they overwhelm. The strategic balance between top-tier and lower-tier layers ensures a style that beautifully enhances the natural contours of a round face.

Butterfly Haircut Curtain Bangs

Butterfly Haircut Curtain Bangs

What’s more delightful than a Butterfly Haircut with curtain bangs? The cascading elegance of curtain bangs blends seamlessly with the overall concept of the Butterfly Hairstyle. The gentle parting and face-framing strands create a butterfly effect that’s truly mesmerizing.

Crafting the Perfect Part

The divide between left and right can significantly change the character of your curtain bangs. A middle part can offer a symmetrical and soft frame, while a side part adds a touch of vintage glamour. Experiment with different partings during your styling to see which best captures the fluttering grace you desire.

Synchronization and Softness

To make this hairstyle anything but disjointed, the curtain bangs need to flow with the rest of your Butterfly Hairstyle. Make sure the length and layers of your bangs match up with the layered length of your overall cut. This will balance it all out, so everything has the free-spirited, graceful feel that makes this bewitching cut so irresistible.

Butterfly Haircut Curly Hair

Butterfly Haircut Curly Hair

Butterfly cut Before and After

Butterfly haircuts for curly hair are more than just a trend; they’re a statement about embracing your natural beauty and character. As you journey into the realms of this cut, remember that it’s your personal flair and spirit that truly bring it to life. As it flutters like a wing, bounces like a curl or sways like a fringe, the Butterfly layers haircut offers an ethereal elegance as unique as you.

Like all transformations, the biggest step in finding the balance between function and fabulous is finding a good stylist. Chat up a skilled stylist, take good care of those lovely locks and embrace the Butterfly.

Flutter into your new chapter of chic, carefree style; embrace it with open arms and let the wind take you where it may.

Wolf Cut vs. Butterfly Cut Unraveling the Terminology

Googling these terms will bring up thousands of results, all helpfully presented with both photographs and videos. So what exactly is a wolf cut, and what does it have to do with wolves, you might wonder, and is a butterfly cut anything like having your hair cut in the shape of a butterfly?

Wolf Cut

The wolf cut is all about that texture; the shaggy layers of this particular chop are decidedly reminiscent of the disheveled, voluminous hair we often associate with the wild and free allure of the wolf, resulting in a look that’s rugged yet still stylish.

Butterfly Cut

The “butterfly cut” obviously, is a great deal lighter, and speaks to featherweight hair that moves with a life and lightness that replicates the delicate flutter of a butterfly’s wings. Long, evenly-distributed layers- what’s not to love about an even flow of hair that’s almost as soft as the fluttering of delicate butterfly wings.

Wolf Cut and Butterfly Cut Spotting the Differences

To the casual observer, the differences between the wolf and butterfly might seem nuanced, but for a skilled stylist, they are substantial. Recognizing these distinctions is critical when consulting with a client and executing the cut to their specifications.

Texture and Layering

One of the biggest distinguishing factors is also layering and texture while wolf cuts are characterized by a choppier style with shorter layers that typically start higher up near the crown, creating a messier wild-looking texture, butterfly cuts are known for a longer, more uniform layer that starts lower on the head, helping create a consistent, gentle flow of hair.

Length of the Cut

The length of the cut itself differs as well. While wolf cuts can go from longer to short they generally maintain a distinctly smaller amount of volume due to shorter layering of the hair butterfly cuts tend to keep things longer, as this allows for layers to complement each other and fall into place much more easily.

Executing the Butterfly Cut at Different Lengths

One of the best things about the butterfly cut is how versatile it is. The elegance of a butterfly cut can be showcased with hair of any length, so your clients have a variety of looks to choose from to match their personal style and lifestyle.

Shoulder Length Butterfly Haircut

For shoulder length hair, a butterfly cut can involve cascading waves of layers that frame the face and fall softly down the back. These layers should be cut into the hair at angles, so they reach full volume as they fall. This makes them a great option for clients with every kind of hair, from fine and thin to dense and curly.

Butterfly Cut Medium Length

When it comes to the butterfly cut, you are best served to have medium length hair. With just the right length, layers can start a bit lower and drop out much more naturally, properly playing up the namesake movement associated with the cut. Meanwhile, in this length, it is still an altogether practical haircut, allowing you to volley back and forth between casual and formal accordingly. It can also be worn in a number of different styles to emphasize said layers.

Butterfly Haircut Wavy Hair

Of course, wavy hair and the butterfly cut are a match made in hair heaven, when merged, waves tend to draw out all of the volume of their compatriot, and this is especially fun in this particular version of the cut, as a stylist can lean into the layers a bit more and go with the curl pattern to bring what was already a head of hair with a ton of “look” to it, and give it a more beautiful, effortless shape.

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