35+ Best Ashley Piercing Everything You Need To Know About

Everything You Need To Know About Ashley Piercing

Ashley piercing offers you an alluring look as it appears on your lips. Ashley piercing goes especially well on lips with a bold color that pops out very well. This piercing provides an amazing look for those who have gorgeous lips.

Ashley piercing is similar to vertical labret piercing. In vertical labret piercing, the exit puncture appears outside the lip, while in this piercing, the exit puncture appears inside the mouth.

Ashley Piercing

It provides a single piercing look as the exit puncture did not appear outside the lips. It can be decorated with a single gem, stud, or stone. As it is a minimalistic style, it promises plenty of positive attention.

Ashley Piercing

Ashley piercing is placed in an area with a lot of movement, allowing more bacteria than any other piercing. That means you need extra precautions and care to save the piercing from bacteria. To take care of Ashley piercing, follow a few steps during healing.

Process of Getting Ashley Piercing

Before getting Ashley piercing, you need to know the key elements of lip piercing, such as the filtrum, the space between the nose and the upper lip, the labret, the section between the upper lip, and the mouth’s structure. After knowing all these things, you must follow a few steps to get a hygienic piercing.

Ashley Piercing

Finding the Perfect location for Ashley piercing

Ashley piercing is unique, unlike other lip piercing such as the Monroe or the Medusa. It is placed vertically in the center of the upper lip. This is a perfect location that allows for an eye-catching and trendy aesthetic.

Ashley Piercing

Consult with an experienced piercer

Before getting an Ashley piercing, getting advice from a professional piercing expert is essential. They will examine important factors such as lip shape, facial anatomy, and desired aesthetics. An occupational piercer will guide you through the process for a comfortable piercing.

Preparing for Ashley piercing

Preparation of an Ashley piercing consists of several steps essential for the piercing process. The steps include:

  • Abstaining from alcohol and blood-thinning medication.
  • Ensuring you are well-rested and hydrated.
  • Practicing good oral hygiene before the piercing.

Pain management options

Different piercers have different pain management, such as options for numbing the area before the procedure, topical creams, or ice. Ashley piercing tends to be a moderate pain or depends on the pain tolerance varies from person to person. The piercer will guide you during the Ashley piercing.

The actual piercing process

The piercing process starts by marking the area where Ashley will be placed. The placement mark depends on the facial anatomy and preferences. Then, the piercer will use a sterilized needle to puncture the hole swiftly and accurately. A sterile piece of jewelry, specifically chosen for an Ashleys piercing, will be inserted immediately after.

Aftercare of Ashley Piercing

After the piercing process, the piercer will provide all information about aftercare instructions. This may involve cleaning the piercing with a saline solution, avoiding certain foods and drinks, or avoiding some oral activities that could disrupt the healing process.

Ashley Piercing

Ashley piercing healing process

Usually, the Ashley piercing heals in 3 to 4 months but may take longer according to your caring process or your body’s healing abilities. Piercing may appear as healed, but actually, they are not. So, to stop aftercare, please take the advice of any good piercing expert to confirm whether the piercing is fully healed or not.

Ashley Piercing

Jewelry Options for Ashley Piercings

Different jewelry options

Ashley piercing jewelry has many options, such as labret studs, captive bead rings, and barbells. Each option has a unique style, so choosing a piece of jewelry depends on your choice or personal aesthetics.

Ashley Piercing

Material and style of jewelry

Choosing an Ashley piercing jewelry material is essential for a good healing process. Jewelry material for Ashley comes with many options, such as surgical steel, titanium, gold, and bio-compatible plastics. Choosing any other material for piercing can disrupt the healing process and damage the piercing.

Ashley Piercing

Size and jewelry selection

The jewelry size is also essential for a comfortable Ashley piercing. Your piercer will measure and select jewelry according to your lip size. Try to change the jewelry if it is healed properly. Once the healing process is done, you can go for different styles and sizes of jewelry.

Ashley Piercing Maintenance

After getting piercing, you need to follow few steps to heel the piercing as fast as possible. Clear the piercing with a saline solution or a piercer-approved cleansing solution. Avert using alcohol or hydrogen peroxide, as these can annoy the piercing. Avoid twisting or moving the jewelry repeatedly to prevent swelling or bruising. A cold condense can help alleviate swelling, and avoiding spicy or acidic foods can alleviate discomfort. To prevent jewelry-related issues, regularly check the tightness of the threaded ends and make sure the jewelry is secure.

Ashley piercing for different individuals

Gender and cultural representatives

Ashleys piercing are not limited by gender or cultural boundaries. Everyone can get Ashley piercer of gender or cultural background as self-expression through piercings transcends societal norms. This Piercing is a way to express your uniqueness and embrace the piercing.

Ashley Piercing

Facial structure considerations

Every person has unique facial features that can influence the look of Ashleys piercing. Other factors such as lip shape, philtrum length, and overall facial proportions play an important role in an Ashley piercing. The piercing can enhance the overall look, so you need to trust the piercing expertise of the piercer, as he will give the best placement according to your facial structure.

Ashley Piercing

Piercing suitability for different lifestyles and professions

The suitability of an Ashley piercing varies depending on one’s lifestyle and profession. Some workplaces have strict policies about what kind of piercing you can have or not. Ensure you know your workplace policies or any potential restrictions before getting an piercing.

Ashley Piercing

Pros and cons of having Ashley Piercing


Ashley piercing offers some very good features and advantages. Piercing can be a form of self-expression enhancing one’s facial features and individuality. This piercing gives a look of confidence and empowerment to someone who embraces themselves. This piercing is something that allows for an eye-catching and trendy aesthetic.


It is important to consider some drawbacks and challenges before getting Ashley piercing. These include the healing process, discomfort, potential aftercare, etc. Also, consider some financial factors, including the cost of piercing and jewelry. This can also make you think twice before getting piercing. Also, there are more things to consider before getting pierced, such as personal style, desired aesthetic, and willingness to commit to aftercare.

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Will an Ashley piercing affect speaking or eating?

This piercing does affect taking or eating as it is placed on a generally sensitive area in the initial days. However, as the piercing heals, any disruption should stop. You need to take extra care during the healing period to fasten the healing. Taking small bites of food or talking slowly during the healing period is essential.

Can I change jewelry during healing time?

Initially, it is not recommended to touch the newly placed piercing as it can disrupt the healing process. It is essential to ask your piercer before changing the jewelry. Once the healing process is done, you can change any jewelry.

At what age should I get Ashley piercing?

The age restrictions for this piercings may vary depending on local regulations and the policies of piercing studios. In some places, you need parental permission to get an this piercing if you are under 18. Knowing about age restrictions is essential before getting an this piercing. 

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