50+ Best Smiley Piercing All You Need To Know About Piercing

Smiley Piercing All You Need To Know About Piercing

Every person has a unique style and taste in which they style and maintain themself, Some people have different abilities to make themselves look perfect, like doing smiley piercing, makeup, styling hair, clothing, jewelry, etc. Piercing is one of them but some people have different tastes and ways of styling themself.

In today’s world, piercing is meant for the ears, nose, and whole body, mouth piercing is one of them In this article, we are talking about smiley piercing.

smile piercing

Hey guys, welcome to our fashion site in this article, we will give all info about piercing So without getting delayed, let’s get into it Stay connected to get answers to your questions.

What is Piercing? 

Piercing is a technique of getting a puncture or a hole with a sharp and thin needle in the human body parts piercing allows the puncturing of a hole through the skin for tucking jewelry into the hole. Nowadays, piercing can be done all over the body, not just in the ears or nose a fine sharp needle is taken to get pierced, and a hole is punctured through the skin.

Later jewelry is inserted through the hole for a better look commonly pierced body parts are the nose, ears, belly button, lips, and eyebrows, but piercing can be done all over the body.

smiley piercing

What is a Smiley Piercing? 

As you know, piercing can be done all over the body rather than the commonly piercing parts, smiley piercing is also a piercing that is getting in trend nowadays, this piercing is a gum piercing that can only be seen when you smile.

The front center part of the gym is pierced through the needle, and later, a piece of jewelry or stud is tucked up, which can only be seen while smiling commonly upper lip frenulum is pierced for a piercing the lower frenulum is pierced for a frowny look.

smiley piercing red

Why is it called a Smiley Piercing? 

As you can understand by its name, a smiley piercing is seen only when you smile piercing is done on the upper lip frenulum, and jewelry is inserted into it and can be seen with a smile that is why it is called a smiley pierce.

smiley piercing

Types of Smiley Piercing Rings

This Piercing Rings Are Commonly 3 Types

Captive Bead Ring

This is the most common frenulum-piercing jewelry used by most people it is a semi-circular ring with a removable bead in one of its ends after placing the ring into the frenulum, the bead is fixed in its end to hold it in place.

smiley piercing bead ring gold

Barbell Ring

It is a U shape ring with beads on both ends to catch it in place.

smiley piercing bead ring gold

Seamless Ring

It is a simple plain ring without any bead or design to hold it in place.

smiley piercing lip piercing

Risks and Complications of having Smiley Piercing

The main risks and health issues in this piercing are-

  • Smiley Piercing Rejection – You might face piercing rejection as your body might not accept the piercing, or the skin tissue may get damaged and start opposing the piercing some people also have a thin lip frenulum that is not perfect for smiley piercing jewellery material is also a factor in the rejection.
  • Smiley Piercing Infection – Your piercing may get infected by bacteria in your mouth or with germs that can oppose The piercing heals jouching or playing with the jewelry may cause an infection.
  • Gum Damage – Choosing q wrong jewelry type also causes gum damage when rubbed against the gum wall swelling and irritation may occur.
  • Tooth Damage – The piercing jewelry could repeatedly damage your teeth by knocking against the tooth in serious cases, it may damage the tooth enamel and chipping or cracking.
  • Accidental Piercing Ingestion – If the piercing jewelry gets loose it may be swallowed accidentally and can check the throat.
  • Speech Issues – during the healing process, you might face speech issues or talking difficulties until you get used to it pain and swelling could worsen the situation.
  • Severe Blood Loss – If jewelry is pointy and the edges are sharp, you might get an infection, or it can damage the lips or gum it can also damage the blood vessel or puncture the blood vessel through the jewelry, causing severe blood loss.
  • Blood-Borne illnesses – Some certain infections like hepatitis (liver infection) and endocarditis (heart infection) might be transmitted by the piercing.

red lips piercing

Smiley Piercing Aftercare

  • First, clean your mouth with an antimicrobial mouthwash.
  • After cleaning the mouth, the piercer gently lifts your upper lip to stretch the ligament.
  • After exposing the ligament, the piercer will use a clean and unused needle to do your piercing and puncture a hole with the help of the needle in the frenulum.
  • Next, the piercer will insert the jewelry you’ve Elected through the hole made by the needle as well as screw it or lock it into place.

smiley piercing with red lips


Does a Smiley Piercing Hurt?

Your ligament is quite a delicate piece of tissue, so it might hurt more than an ear or nose piercing but fleshier body parts are less painful than the earlobe frenulum is a thin tissue of the skin and a quick-healing area of the mouth.

Frenulum piercing may hurt more than any other body part, but the smiley piercing pain lasts 15 to 30 seconds your person’s pain tolerance is also a factor.

How long does a Smiley Piercing take to Heal? 

This piercing takes 4 to 12 weeks to heal without infection the lip frenulum is a sensitive body part and can get infected easily if not handled properly. You may feel mild pain and swelling during the first couple of weeks however, if proper care is taken, the piercing can heal in 2 weeks.

How much does a Smiley Piercing Price? 

A perfectionist does piercing they are trained in piercing and take all precautions to prevent the pierced area from getting infected smiley piercing may cost $30 to 90$ near you.

Is Smiley Piercing look good on you or not? 

It depends on your choice to get a this piercing or not you can ask your piercer about this a piercer can determine whether you are a good candidate for this piercing.

Some conditions affect small smiley piercings, like a small frenulum or having smiley  piercing with braces, etc Other conditions include gun disease, dental infections, sensations, etc.

How to Clean Smiley Piercing?

Cleaning is essential during the healing time of this piercing there are some do’s as well as don’ts that you have to take care of.


  • Clean your mouth twice a day with sea salt or any mouthwash solution.
  • Rinse off your mouth after every time you eat.
  • Brush your teeth daily as well as twice a day.
  • Try to brush your teeth with gentle hands in the first couple of days.

smiley piercings


  • Do not touch as well as play with the piercing ring.
  • Do not drink alcohol.
  • Refrain from eating food too hot or too spicy.
  • Do not eat spicy or acidic food like tomato or lime.
  • Do not eat crunchy food.
  • Do not smoke.
  • Do not brush harshly.

care piercing

Smiley Piercing Jewelry

«   Stainless steel

There may be a better choice than this, which irritates some people.

«   Titanium

For frenulum piercing or mouth piercing, titanium is the best option it is also surpassing if you have a sensitive skin type.

«   Niobium

If you are seeing for a hypoallergenic material, niobium is best for you as it is the common one.

«   Gold Smiley Piercing

Choosing a gold ring for a septum smiley piercing may only sometimes be a good choice for you for frenulum piercing, only 14-carat white or yellow gold jewelry is good other gold-plated jewelry may irritate.

How long do Smiley Piercings Last?

This piercing starts healing after not wearing any jewelry for more than 6 weeks after the healing process is done, it can last up to a year and more than that it depends on the lip frenulum.

Some people have a thin lip frenulum which can break easily or doesn’t stay longer smiley piercing is a delicate placement that won’t stay longer than outer piercing.

Smiley Piercing Pros and Cons


  • Piercing looks cute smiley piercing and stylish in its way it makes your smile more bright and good-looking.
  • They are hidden under the lip, so it is good like if you want a piercing but want to show it to only some.
  • You can wear small jewelry only to be visible when your smile is high.
  • They are less painful than any other piercing.


  • This piercing can damage your gum.
  • Got infected easily if it didn’t take care of properly.
  • This piercing can damage your teeth.
  • A very high risk of getting snagged by hard food or toothbrush.
  • Might face rejection as not every person has a piercing frenulum.
  • Take too long to heal if infected or not taken care of properly.

Vampire Piercing

Vampire piercing or Dracula piercing is also done under the lip vampire piercing is placed between the upper lip and gum to create vampire teeth it is slightly different than this piercing.

Vampire piercing has long teeth like fangs that can be visible between the side area of lips, creating long vampire teeth several nerves are in the area, It can be much more painful while puncturing a hole between the gum it is also called Dracula piercing.

vampire piercing

How Is Vampire Piercing Placed? 

A hole is punctured through the upper lip frenulum to get this look later, jewelry is inserted through the upper lip frenulum, creating a vampire smiley piercing fangs look, this look is frowny and too flashy as the fake tooth fangs are longer than smiley piercings.

Vampire Smiley Piercings Bite

Vampire bite piercing is done on the neck or the shoulder, creating the look of a vampire’s bite, this piercing involves two surface piercings on the neck or shoulder area.

After that, a surface barbell ring is placed, creating a bite, surface Bars are the ideal type of body jewelry for Vampire Bites, and all varieties of ends can be used.

Placement is very important and will create a bite on the neck, so the distance between the two piercings should be standard.

vampire smiley piercing

How Is Vampire Smiley Piercing Bite Done? 

It is a surface piercing done with the help of a needle through the skin tissue in a stander gap at first, choose a place for the piercing, and then the piercing is done twice to mimic fake smiley piercing fang marks, creating a bite.

Vampire Smiley Piercing VS Vampire Bite Piercing

Name-wise, both look similar, but they are different Vampire smiley piercings or Dracula piercing is done under the lip area, between the gum, to create false long smiley fang piercing like a vampire’s tooth but vampire bite piercing is done on the neck or shoulder area to create a false vampire bite.

Types of jewelry are also different according to the piercing in vampire or Dracula piercing, long fangs on both sides are usually used, or a long piece of jewelry is used Still, in vampire smiley piercing man bite, the surface-specific barbell is used.

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