Best 50+ Septum Piercing Everything You Need To Know Full Guideness

Septum Piercing which changes your look better

A septum piercing is a piercing done between your nostrils. Septum piercing is an act on the Septum of your nose, dividing your two nostrils. Septum is a much harder area of your nose, making it harder to do a piercing in that area. A soft spot (sweet spot) is pierce in the septum area in the Septum piercing.

The whole Septum is hard, but the sweets are what is fleshier. That is why it is a sweet spot and gets pierce easy. Piercing is more painful than nasal piercing as it is a difficult spot to pierce.

septum piercing

Are you have any idea about getting a septum piercing? You are welcome to our site if you want to know more about this piercing. Here you get all info about this piercing and questions related to nose piercing. Please stay connected with us to learn about this piercing.

septum piercing

  • Small Septum Piercing

Septum rings come in different sizes and shapes. It is on you to choose between them according to your relevance.

small septum piercing

  • Fake Septum Piercing

If you cannot bear the piercing pain, you can also have a fake piercing. There are many fake Septum piercing rings available in the market that you can buy. But fake piercing does not look as good as the esthetic one.

ake septum piercing

  • Septum Piercing Men

Men can also have a septum piercing. Generally, Septum piercing means for men to look more courageous and good. Some men also have Septum nose piercing that looks good on them.

It is totally on you to choose whether you want it or not. Today,  piercing is common practice in both men and women.

septum piercing men

  • Rejected Septum Piercing

You may also face rejection as your body dislikes or contrasts with it. May does not appear likely to puncture right.

rejected piercing

  • Cute Septum Piercing

Various sizes and shapes are available in the market that look cute on everyone. Different jewelry styles look cute on your nasal Septum and give you a cute look. A captive bead ring is a common piercing piece of jewelry that looks cute on everyone.

cute septum piercing

  • Infected Septum Piercing

Once you get Septum piercing, initial care must last 2 to 3 weeks. If it gets, an infection may be harmful to your Septum. Do not try to touch or leave the jewelry in the initial weeks, as dirty hands can infect the piercing.

If you have scar tissue, treat it with a medical approach, or do not touch it with a bare hand. In the Septum, twice daily, with eyes water, seawater, or salty water. Your piercing might be epidemical if the area around it is swollen, painful, hot, red, or dark and painful.

infected piercing

  • Double Septum Piercing

The cartilage area of the Septum is very soft and may not be able to stack twice. But you can stack 2 rings at once or stack twice. Septum circular barbell is the ideal and most common piercing for stacking.

doble septum piercing

  • Black Septum Piercing

As you know, these piercing rings are available in different sizes, shapes, and colors. Black Septum piercing rings are on trending right now for a good reason.

Black piercing rings are more vibrant and look more visible to people. You can also easily buy a black piercing ring on Amazon or any other website.

Black septum piercing

  • Crooked Septum Piercing

Sometimes your piercing is crook when you look at it closely. This means you are Pearson does not position the piercing at the time of piercing and make it crooked. If the septum piercing crooked, remove it, allow it to heal, and try another piercing.

crooked piercing

Septum Piercing Pain Scale 1-10

The pain felt un believable and intense for those couple of seconds. But, Scaling a Septum piercing hurt is how much you feel the pain. For Septum piercing, it is a four or five out of 10.

piercing pain scale

Septum Piercing Sizes

The most General gauge for a septum piercing is 16G. While 16G is the starter gauge, some people go a size down (18 gauge) or a size up to 14G.


Septum Piercing Gauge

Piercing gauge base on your preference, anatomy, and piercer. Typically, a common piercing gauge is 16 G.

But you can choose smaller or bigger than this. 16 gauge is the most general piercing gauge (approximately 1.2mm thick).

Right place septum piercing diagram 

Piercing is complete by a piercing artist that is an expert in piercing. There are a few steps needed for this piercing-

right place septum piercing diagram


After choosing a jewelry material, you may go further for choosing a jewelry type. Many types of jewelry are a good choice for this piercing, like-

  • Curved Barbells

These are regular barbells also used for smiley piercing. The curved barbell is between the retainer and the seamless hoop design.

Curved Barbells

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  • Captive Bead

A captive bead ring is a circulating ring with a single bead in the center. It is also used for initial piercing, like in the smiley or initial nasal piercing.

Captive Bead Ring

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  • Segment Ring

Segment rings are the most popular jewelry type in piercing. It is a ring with a small hoop that is open and closed with its help. They consider the most comfortable because they lie against your skin.

Segment Ring

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  • Septum clicker

Choose a septum clicker if you are searching for a comfortable yet unique style. The ring has a hinged hook, making it easy to wear. The ring has a different unique design that makes it look unique.

Septum clicker

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  • Seamless Hoop

Seamless hoop is every person’s favorite style of Septum piercing ring. You can often find this ring usually in the ears or initial piercing. They are seamless rings without any beads or style.

Seamless Hoop

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  • Septum Pincher

It is a unique and classy style of thin piece piercing. This type of Septum piercing bull ring is very popular nowadays. The ring is place on the sweet spot on the division area of the nostrils.

septum pincher

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  • Septum Retainers

This type of jewelry use to keep the septum hole. This small type of jewelry keeps the piercing open with very low attendance.

Septum Retainers

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Septum Piercing Pain 

This piercing is more painful than a normal nasal piercing. It also depends on your skin type or pain tolerance while describing the pain.

Some people find inserting jewelry is more painful than puncturing skin. If you want a less painful experience, stay calm and try to relax while piercing.

pain septum piercing

How much does a Septum Piercing cost? 

Piercing may depend on your location and the country you live in. Yet, This piercing is done for between $40 to $100. Piercing price may depend on your jewelry type also.

How long does a Septum piercing take a heal? 

The whole process of healing time is done under 3 to 4 months. You may feel blood, swelling, and numbness for the first 2 to 3 weeks. The healing time is around 2 to 3 months if the aftercare is done properly.

Septum piercing jewelry 

But if you want to choose your jewelry, you may have to choose an unharmful material for your skin. There are some jewelry materials you may choose from-

  • Titanium-

Titanium is a material used for many surgical purposes. You may also get recommended by the piercer itself. Titanium is completely safe for everyone. It’s the best choice for people who have a nickel allergy.

Septum piercing Titanium

  • Niobium-

Niobium is a better choice for people who have sensitive skin types. It is like titanium and doesn’t need any approval for surgical implantation. It is also less costly than titanium.


  • Gold-

14-karat gold is good for initial piercing. It can be yellow, white, or rose pink but make sure they are pure gold but not gold plated. Gold-plated jewelry may irritate your skin. Gold is more expensive than any other material.


Do’s and don’t after having a septum piercing


  • Wait to touch or play with the jewelry for a few weeks.
  • Every time wash your hands before touching the piercing or the jewelry.
  • Don’t use harsh soaps, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, or iodine on the Septum.
  • Apply coconut or almond oil for a better cure and fast healing.
  • Saline solution is used for cleaning the piercing.


  • during 2 to 3 weeks, touching, playing, or changing the jewelry is highly restricted.
  • Avoid swimming or any activity that can irritate you.
  • Don’t touch the piercing with bare or unclean hands to avoid infection.

septum piercing

septum piercing

















septum piercings

septum piercings

septum piercings

septum piercings

septum piercings

septum piercings

septum piercings
septum piercings

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