Best 40+ Two Block Haircut For Men & Women 2024

Two Block Haircut For Men & Women 2024

The Two Block Haircut is the most popular in south korea. In this hairstyle, the hairs at the crown area are kept long, and an undercut is done around the sides are back. Because of this style entails, it is called two block haircut. It suits almost every face shape and is also easy to maintain. But the only thing is that it requires a bit of styling undercut two block haircut.

Two Block Haircut


So, today we will discuss the topic ” Two Block Haircut” I know many men want to know about Two Block Haircuts, if you are one of the men among them, then it is a very important article for you, here we will clear all your doubts about this haircut.

What is a two block haircut?

Men usually wear black haircuts. A two block haircut Philippines is an ” Undercut Two Block Haircut.” But nowadays, haircut two block is also liked by women. A block haircut is described as this cut; the front ends of the hair are cut short, and the rest is kept long, you can style block haircuts in two ways and these soft-cut layers and blunt block cuts. It depends on your choice and mood, which type of block cut you want, and which will suit your tekstur rambut.

undercut Two Block Haircut

Many South Korean famous personalities like Chen from EXO, T.O.P from the big bang, and Lee Jong Suk have tried these two block haircut styles. They have inspired many young fans and followers to do the same, anyone can get a two block haircut; you don’t need to be a K-pop star to have this haircut. 

How to style a two block haircut?

Suppose you want to know about how to style a two block haircut, then you are at the right place we will share some styling tips to help you style undercut two block haircuts. You have to follow only four simple steps-

Keep your hair short:

If you want a simple and subtle look, a short two-block haircut is the most suitable option, this haircut requires low maintenance as it falls into place naturally without too much styling. You can also use a brush to style your hair to expose the undercut, on special occasions, to add an extra sleek effect, you can also give a try to high-shine hair styling products.

short two block haircut

 Make it messy:

Messing your casual two block haircut is in trend nowadays, it is the best way to show the transition of hairs when hairs are growing out, using matte styling wax, you can make it messier by adding some waves and crimps, you can also use your hands to make your hair messy.

two block haircut

 Create more volume:

Two block haircut with more volume might suit you if you love to style your hair, you have to follow a simple step to create volume,when your hairs are wet, grab them where you want to create volume and then scrunch them with your hands, then to achieve an asymmetrical look, set the scrunched hairs with hairspray.

two block haircut

 Style with hair wax:

Another way to style your hair is by using hair wax. First, use a straightener to flatten your hair towards the back and the side. Then apply hair wax to set the hairs in their place. Hair wax prevents your hair from falling off. This hairstyle looks very elegant and adds highlights to the tekstur rambut.

two block haircut

10 different looks for men

 Short Two Block Haircut:

A short two block haircut looks very subtle and simple, this haircut requires low maintenance as it falls into place naturally without too much styling, men who want to put their hair short and look elegant must try a short two block haircut.

short two block haircut

 Korean Two Block Haircut:

The hairstyle is very popular as it makes you voluminous and classy, you only have to take a flat iron and use it on your front section of hair, using a flat iron, you must make a c-shape or a comma to create more volume in your hair, the comfort of the hair can be styled by using hairspray.

Korean two block haircut

Messy Wet Look:

BTS member Jimin adopts this messy wet look. It would help if you only had a hair straightener and a few spritzes of hairspray to achieve a messy wet look. You don’t have to make your hair stiff; keep them subtle and sleek. Wet your small section of front hairs and then comb this section by using your fingers and let the hairs frame your face. The result will come out with a clean and polished look.

messy BTS hairstyle

  Two Block Haircut Side Part:

Another way to make your hairs look voluminous and thicker is by parting hairs on one side, then take a brush and use a blow dryer while brushing your hair backward and diagonally in one direction, and then, set the look with hairspray or pomade to add shine.

two block hairstyle

Ash brown two block haircut:

If you want to elevate your look and try a new trendy hair color, try ash brown, add a little texture of highlights to your ash brown two-block haircut side part front to make it more cool and trendy.

Ash brown

Dark ash gray hair:

Adding dark ash gray hair color to a two-block haircut elevates your Two Block Haircut back view look.

dark ash

Brushed back and messy unicorn hair:

Unicorn hair colors look whimsical and beautiful as they combine pastel colors, to style your unicorn hair, two block haircut fades, take some cues of hairs, and then comb it with fingers in a backward direction to create a messy and voluminous look.

Brushed back and messy unicorn haircut

Slicked- Back hair with fade:

This hairstyle gives you a clean look by drawing everyone’s attention toward faded sides, you have to use a fine-tooth comb and comb your hair back and seal the hairs at their place by applying pomade, it will help you add shine to your hair and keep it in its place.

Slicked- Back hair with fade

Burgundy hair:

Burgundy hair color adds four moons to the look as it adds character jimin tried this burgundy hair medium two block haircut back view and rocked it in his sleek style.

Burgundy hair

 Light pink hair:

Pink is a dreamy and unique color when you add some bounce to pink-colored textured hairs, this medium two block haircut pink style rocks.

light pink hair

Some things to consider before getting a two block haircut fade

Regular trims:

This two block haircut needs regular trims of hair. If you don’t know, let us tell you that the top hairs get 1 inch longer each month. But on the other hand, the shaved portion or buzzed hair grows slightly faster. It would help if you did regular trimming to keep your look clean and classy. You can do it at home if you know how to use clippers.

Style it daily:

You must style your two block haircut daily if your hair is straight, or you can say not naturally curly, then you need to style it daily to create a messy and voluminous look, you need to style.

 There are limited styling options:

There are many hairstyle options, but they are not unlimited you can style your two block haircut in a limited number of ways, you can tie your top hair in a ponytail and a bun, or can use headbands or clips to remove hairs in front of your eyes. You can keep it messy or style it classy by applying pomade or hair gel to slick the hair its place you can braid the top hairs if you want to draw attention toward the buzzed area.

 Growing it out is different for women:

If you are one of the women who had tried two block haircuts but now you want to try something new then it is difficult for you because you must outwait a bit longer to jump to another hairstyle. It is because the shaved portion or buzzed part takes a little longer to match the length of the top hairs if you are not comfortable or not ready to cut the top hairs to match the buzzed part.

Experienced stylist:

Two-block haircuts are very popular in Korea and the US, but they have yet to be popular in other countries if you want to try this, be prepared with many two block haircut photos to show your stylist what you want also, remember to say that you want shaved sides or buzzed sizes and trimmed tops or cut with scissors, you have to explain him very accurately.

two block haircut women

Overall, a two block haircut is a fashion-forward and unique choice for anyone who wants to try something different and new. Also, it is suitable for those who want to keep short hair but wants styling options like long hair. After getting a two block haircut fade, your head will feel nice and cool automatically, as it needs little maintenance. It takes less time to wash, dry as well as style. This two block haircut fade will surely boost your confidence and inspire others to try it.

two block hairstyle

Curly two block hairstyle in black suit

two block hairstyle

two block hairstyle

two block hairstyle korean


What is a two block haircut? 

It is called two block haircut because, in this hairstyle, you will encounter two distinct hair lengths. The back and side hairs are buzzed or shaved, while the top section is kept long for styling. Some people may confuse an undercut two block haircut with an undercut, but it is wrong. These are similar but different. It is a very trendy haircut in Korea.

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