Top 10 Nail Polish Brands Buy From Amazon which are Safe?

Top Gel Nail Polish Brand To Buy Amazon

Nail Polish Brands: Are you looking for a good nail polish brand? Are you familiar with good brands? If Are you in search of a good online platform to buy nail polishes? Is it good to buy nail polish from Amazon? Which nail polish brand you should buy and many more things about nail polish? This article helps you to find the answer to all the questions that come to your mind.

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Is Amazon a good place to buy gel nail polish Brands?

Amazon is an online platform that provides valuable services at your doorstep with a few clicks, It is a good platform to buy stuff online if you are busy and don’t have time to go outside and buy stuff, Amazon provides all types of stuff whether it is cheap or expensive, regular or branded.

if Amazon is a good place to buy Polish or not?

Amazon provides some famous Polish brands natural nails you could buy like ESSIE, CHANEL LE VERNIS, COLORBAR, DND Gel etc. Buying Polish from Amazon is your decision, If you buy some well-known brand of polishes you would not regret it although think twice before buying cheap or non-famous brands of polishes, You should give it a chance to Amazon if you are looking for good and expensive polish online.

Polish nail bar

Famous nail polish brands that are available on Amazon


ESSI Nail Polish

Essie is a very famous brand that is loved by most of its customers. Almost every salon you visit near you has Essie nail polish. Essie provides more than 900 nail polish colors with 250 permanent colors at a reasonable price point. Essie’s brushes are designed wide and give a perfect stock on the first coat. You will love Essie nail polish.


OPI Nail polish

OPI gel nail polish is also a famous brand and can easily find in salon and home collections, It provides good quality OPI nail polishes at affordable prices, OPI gel nail polish provides a wide range of colors in OPI nail polishes with a super-shiny luxurious finish, In short OPI is an affordable brand with luxury.


COLORBAR Nail polish

Colorbar is a very famous brand in India and all around the world, Colorbar is a beauty brand that works with all types of beauty products along with nail colors. Color bar’s nail enamel is widely used all across the world with high-quality nail buffer enamel and with a wide range of shades, Colorbar works with matte, gel, gloss, glitters, and gel nail enamel.



Deborah Lippman is a famous brand highly used by celebrities, magazine writers, and fashion bloggers, Deborah Lippman provides a highly extensive, shiny finish and luxurious polished nail bar.


Beetles nail polish

Beetles is an international brand across 80+ countries, Beetles provides nail enamel with quick dry formula and a long-lasting shiny finish.


LOREAL nail polish

L’oreal Paris is also a famous brand across the world for its makeup range, That polished nails are a good combination of good quality and affordable price, L’oreal nail enamel is available in various types like gel, shiny, matte, mirror finish, glossy, and many more.


MODELONES nail polish

Widely known for long-lasting stays, MODELONES are beginner friendly and their brusher is soft for a beginner to apply, Its quick-dry formula is very good that provides mess-free buff your nails in a few seconds.


MEMEDA nail polish brand

There is almost no one in the world who does not know MEMEDA, Memeda polish nail bars are available in a wide range of gel enamel with metallic and mirror finishes, MEMEDA gel base formula gives your nail a shiny glossy finish in just a few coats.


FACESCANADA nail polish

It is a famous Canadian brand with over 40+ years now famous all across the world, Faces Canada has a wide range of matte and glossy finishes with pastel colors, polished nails remover, as well as top coats.

Olive and June Nail Polish

Olive and June Nail Polish

DND Nail Polish

DND Nail Polish

Polish Nail Bar

Polish nails bar

A polished nail bar or a nail salon is a place where customers are offered proper nail care. Such as gel manicures, pedicures, nail repairing, nail extensions, nail art, etc. A nail bar or nail salon can be found nearby your place. These bars are run by expert nail artists who have done a proper course in that field and can be found all over the world. Some of the nail bars offer extra services than nail beauty salons. But some salon only works in the field of nail art only. Services offered by nail salons or nail bars are-

  • Gel Manicure
  • Pedicure
  • Nail polish remover
  • Repairing old, broken nails
  • Nail extension
  • Nail art and designing
  • Removing old extension
  • Remove your gels
  • Cuticle pusher
  • Repairing and nail cuticles
  • polished nail bar, etc


Amazon is a good place for you to buy good and branded polishes, However, if you are looking for a specific brand you should visit their official store and online site for high-quality and believable products.

Is nail polish bad for nails?

This is a misconception only as our nail does not breathe. Soak your nails are dead parts of our body hand cream and did not get affected by a coat of polish. The nail is dead keratin and did not have oxygen exchange. Although some nail enamel brands have chemicals that may affect our skin and nail cuticles. Prefer not to apply nail polish on skin or apply cuticle oil to prevent any reaction.

Is it good to buy cheap nail polishes?

It’s totally on you if you are buying cheap polish or not You may face difficulty with cheap polishes like non-quick drying and non-long lasting. But if you are looking for a change from buying expensive nail enamel, you could buy a nail brand that is affordable yet good quality.

How to know if nail polish is good and expensive or not?

While buying Polish brands from online stores it is difficult to tell if it is cheap or expensive without seeing it personally. You can determine a product by its size packing style whether it’s cheap or expensive. High-quality brands are a little expensive and offer good-quality OPPI polishes. Large bottles are also more expensive than cheap ones. Before buying OPI polish online check the rating of the product. The good product also has good ratings.

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